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How close are you to your family?

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As someone who is estranged from all family on both sides, I'm curious to know if there's anyone else in my position. Perhaps you grew up in foster care, or come from just a plain dyfunctional family?

For those of you who are connected to family, how close are you?
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I am extremely close to my mom's side of the family. My dads side, we see on holidays and what not. But I talk to my mom's side all the time, even tho I live 2 hrs away, we are always together doing big family events all the time, if I didn't have my family, I would be lost!
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My mom's side of the family is really the only family I know. My dad has 4 sisters scattered throughout the country from what I understand but I've never met or spoke to them...and I would really love to meet them
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I have a brother and sister that I go out of my way to see as little as possible.
I adore my daughter and granddaughter, and wish I lived closer to them.
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I only lay claim to my Mom and she and I live together
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I'm close to my parents, but even though I have 9 brothers & sisters, they're more like cousins because I didn't grow up with any of them because they're a lot older than I. We used to visit my mom's side of the family a lot when I was little, but I don't think I'm very close to any of them. Same for my dad's family. It's weird too, because there are SO many. I have over 30 neices and nephews, and I feel closer to some of them because they're closer to my age.
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My husband and I both come from not-so-pleasant families. What is left on either side - we have no contact with. It is just us and the furries and featheries.
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Our entire family is sooo close! Family is really important. Although we do have our dysfunctionals that we still go see, but not as often. It is great, my mom's parents and my dad's parents have known each other since way before either of my parents were born(they were stationed together in the military). Even though we dont have any extended family in Okla., we go to visit everyone often!
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Originally Posted by Talon
My husband and I both come from not-so-pleasant families. What is left on either side - we have no contact with. It is just us and the furries and featheries.
That's all you really need.
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I love all of my family, both sides. Unfortunately, we live a five-hour plane ride from my side (with the exception of my Dad, who is here), so our contact is largely phone and email, and not a lot of those either. My in-laws live a lot closer, but it's still a 90-minute ferry ride, plus the driving to and fro, and the waiting in the ferry compound, so there's no such thing as droppin' in. We see them a lot more frequently, but still most of our contact is phone or email. It would be great to see any of them lots more often, but we live where we want and they live where they want -- c'est la vie.
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Honestly, I don't see my family all that often. My mother is controlling, bossy and emotionally abusive and I don't need it. So I don't deal with them often. I feel for my 15 yr old brother who still lives there. She is good to him because he is her baby boy and he hasn't started to rebel against her yet. I just don't succumb to her way of thinking. She also treats my husband like he doesn't exist which is NOT cool to me since it is his money we use to buy the presents with. She sure would take his money in a heartbeat but send him something, even a card. Nope.

His family is the one we will visit often. They treat me like thier own daughter.
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I'm pretty close to all my family. There is an aunt I could do without, and her daughters are not my favorite people, but I still like catching up with them from time to time.

I'm not the norm in my social circle though, I tell people "My family is dysfunctional, we all like each other!"
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I picked other.

I actually live with my whole family practically.

We live in a 5plex, my grandma and grandpa in one apartment, my aunt and uncle and cousins in another, and then myself, mother and sisters in this one. and some unrelated people in the others. I never knew my father.. so. -shrugs-
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Well I had to vote other because my family by all means is VERY different.

I live with my Mother but we don't get on that well. I don't really get on with her boyfriend or his family either. I'm close with my mothers family.

My birth father lives in Europe somewhere and I don't have contact with him nor his family.

The father figure in my life is my Mothers ex boyfriend of 13 years. We still see each other monthly and are really good friends. He is like a father to me. I'm really close with his whole family too.

The person I call Dad was my Mums boyfriend at the time when she had me, we are really close too and his family are my family, most of you will know my "Nana" is his dad and she's more like my mother then my actual one.

That's enough about my unusual family for now!
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I am not very close to my family. My dad's side didn't want anything to do with me until I graduated from college ------too late now!!! I've experienced a lot of hurt from my family and just found it easier on myself to stay distanced a bit from them.
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I rarely see my aunts, uncles and cousins.
I wish I saw my brothers and their families more.
I see my parents often
We see my husband's brother and his family about once a year
My husband no longer speaks to his parents.
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I say if you actually, genuinely, care for your family, then great! Too often though it's just a big guilt trip and a lot of b.s. when you get together. If my parents want a relationship with their children, well, they should've thought about that when they were "raising" us.
Tell it like it is. Now I'm a grown-up, I'll decide for myself the people who I consider my "family".
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My Dad's family is freaklishly close. So with that side of the family I'd say I'm very close. I'm twenty-nine and I can count on one hand the number of weeks I've gone without seeing a member of the extended family.

My Mom's family on the other hand can't get along so we seem them about once or twice a year.
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My immediate family and family on my mom's side are incredibly close. I'm such a family girl and I don't know what I'd do without them! We don't see my family on my dad's side nearly as much, they all live in either NC or NY.
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both my parent have died,i have a sister who i will NEVER ever talk to again!! i 1/2 bro who i see on accasions.1 full brother who i see often,
as for my kids.er 1 lives nearby.the youngest lives quite away but we meet up about every 3 weeks or so.
my oldest wont talk to me (her choice not mine) and my son wont talk to me cause my ex wont let him??
i get on well with my MIL,see my BIL sometimes and dont have anything to do with my SIL
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I avoid my in-laws if at all possible---they're all loons . My Dad's deceased and was pre-deceased by his only sibling brother who had no kids, his side of the family was never very big anyway. I was never really close to my mom although I did the dutiful daughter thing when she was living in a senior apartment for a couple of years, getting her groceries and such, but I finally refused to take her out anywhere as she would always get in a fight with some clerk for no reason. She's in a nursing home now not far from my brother, but a 2.5 hour drive from me and I haven't seen her since she's been in there (April.) Just not really comfortable with my brother and his wife they're so mainstream normal. My sister and her hubby on the other hand we are very close to, and see them whenever we can and e-mail and call. Much more "like us" as it were.
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I don't see my parents often, but I try to see my kid brother as often as possible. He recently turned 15, so I've been going over on Sunday mornings while the 'rents are in church and giving him driving lessons.

My older brother is pretty cool, for a banker, but I talk to him in frequently because of the cost and time zone differences. We're close enough, though.

I love my future in-laws, and I probably see them (of my own volition) more often than I see my parents. Both they and my parents live in town. The future hubby is in the Navy, so I'm also making up for a bit of empty-nest syndrome.

My mother's side of the family is great (except the line that got stuck with the family farm... they're boring yokels). One of my mother's brothers is pretty cool, the other two are a bit weird, but whatever. And her dad's siblings are great. Two of his brothers married two sisters, and they live in RV's and travel everywhere with their cats. Very fun people. And my mother's parents were very cool. The both died of cancer a few years ago, though.

My father's side of the family... they're weird. Like, picture the steryotype of a backwoods, inbred hillbilly town, and you pretty much have an idea what they're like. One brother (besides my father) escaped, and he's a professional photographer in DC, but the others live on large properties in Kansas, and have their own shooting ranges. I try not to see them too often.
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My brothers moved to Cali to persue their dreams... They are doing great!! One has worked on a movie with Jack Black and the other is an editer for the real world!!
I miss them both dearly. It sucks only seeing them 1-2 times a year!!!
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I am adopted and don't know birth father. Estranged from birth mother and her family. My adopted father passed in 99 and my adopted mother & I are mending an estranged relationship for past five years. When she found out my husband to be was black she told me to never bring him to her house. She 'd never met him. So, I never took him OR myself til Thanksgiving last year. We have two sons from my first marriage, two grandsons, and all our lovely animals and that is all we need. #$*& the rest!
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I didn't meet my dad until I was 13. My mom worked with his sister when I was younger though, so I knew her. My dad, his wife, and their kids stopped inviting me over when I got them a set of regular kitchen glasses, and didn't get them and the kids individual gifts. I was 13 and had no job...they claimed "We each got you gifts. I thought...if you would have paid for me to pick out gifts like you did them, I would have. My stepmom also asked why my mom wasn't on birth control. I was 13!!! It's not my fault he suggested my mom put me up for adoption, or else lose him!!! I do not talk to him, but his parents have always treated me the same as any of their other grandkids, as does his siblings. I see them once or twice a year, but they also live in Missouri (for farming) for 6 months a year. I never even get so much as a card from my dad, and I stopped sending him cards as well.....his loss right?

I am closer to my mom's side. My grandparents pretty much raised me. My older sister was raised by my Great Grandma who lived next door. My mom and I see eachother once a year if we're lucky...and talk on the phone once in awhile. Things have changed between us since my brother died in 98. My mom irritates me because I can't stand her new boyfriend. She dumps him and he always comes crawling back. UGH!!! My mom lives in Green Bay, as do both of my sisters. My older sister has a cat named Rascal and lives by herself. She's a workaholic (has 3 jobs) so we never really talk. Since my mom's boyfriend came back, my younger sister (13) stays with her dad most of the time. My aunt's and uncles aren't close either. I'm close with my Grandma, but that's it.

I'm probably closest with Scott's family. His mom has 10 brothers and sisters. It's so nice to spend time with a normal family!!!
His mom treats me like the daughter she's never had, and I'm good friends with one of his aunt's. Scott gets along well with his brother even though they seem like opposites (I guess its the shared love of NFL football that keeps them close).
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I only get to see my parents 1 time a year. They live in Massachusetts and I now live in Minnesota. We talk frequently though. I do wish we lived closer. Since my Mother in law passed, I never see any of my husbands family.
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We see our Dad's side of the family alot more often then our Mom's side. It is simply because of location. Mom's sister and late brother both live about 2 hours away, while my Dad's family lives close by.
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I see my parents (not a choice on the poll) all the time but I hardly ever visit the in-laws (or care to). I lived at home (give or take a few months here or there) for thirty-six years. My mother is my best friend and I was pretty happy living with her and my father. I got married and moved out almost a year ago. My husband doesn't even enjoy spending time with his family, so we don't see them much.

I go home to my folks every chance I get. They live near a lake so I go swimming, stay in my basement apartment, visit with my mother, and basically don't have a care in the world. I get re-charged, then I go home to hubby and the responsibilities of life.
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My mothers side of the family dont care about me or my mother.

My dads side of the family i talk to once in a while

My parents i usually see every second weekend
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I see my parents almost every day.

My dad's side of the family, I see about once a week, mom's side, once or twice a year....has been over 15 years since I spoke to my maternal grandmother.
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