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Do any of your cats open drawers? Pepperpot for some reason loves to open all of the drawers in the bedroom. She has gotten so that she is doing it everyday. At times when she opens them she crawls in and goes behind the drawer so that I am terrified to close a drawer unless I see her! Unfortunately she has been doing it during the night! It is so noisy it wakes me up. I have cat fur all over my clothes (like I didn't before anyway LOL). I put things in front of the drawers, but she still manages to move them (eg laundry basket) - she is very strong for a cat and open the drawers. Any ideas as she is driving me nuts!
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Well, maybe is she's like most cats, it's a passing phase. Hopefully, she'll soon grow tired of performing her latest trick and move onto some other way to annoy you.
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Sounds like she is wanting a soft cubby to get into! My Lumpy girl will open all the kitchen cabinets and climb in for a rest. Once she even pulled the door closed behind herself....Amazing little creatures, aren't they?
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Perhaps you can try buying her one of these small dog beds I've seen. Then are like a 3-1/2 sized tent made out of a quilt like material stuffed with foam, and their is cotton fuzzy material inside. Maybe your cat would enjoy that as a bed to climb into.
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I happen to be having the exact same problem with my 4 cats. I came home the other day the hand towels in the bathroom drawers were all hanging out and in the floor, and they even got into the kitchen drawers, had to wash everything. I thought about getting child safety drawer and cabinet kits to fix the problem but it's going to be a little expensive and a lot of trouble. I'm on a budget and tools aren't my thing. I got an idea from my mom. Velcro. That's right velcro, they use it in their motor home to keep things in place that aren't already fixed to stay that way. So, I'm gonna try it, I think it will work.
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I have a very strong cat! I have tried the velco, it just makes the sounds louder at night. I have numerous beds in my room & thru the house. Plain beds, soft beds, my bed, kitty cat condos & tent beds. She still wants to open drawers. For the most part she just opens them & doesn't even go in them any more. Last night I got up after hearing her pull on drawers - 6 drawers were open! It is an obsession. I pulled out all of the drawers & there are no cat toys behind them. I am at a loss!
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When we first got Sunshine last year she kept opening my dresser drawers. But she wouldn't get in, just open it and pull out all of my stuff and then just leave a big mess!! It only lasted about a month, and then she finally moved on to something else!:tounge2:
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Dani Night Stalker did the same thing when I first got her when she was a year old, she'd open the drawer then fit behind it. It took a few months before she found other "comfort" spots in the apt. I called it a comfort spot because when she was afraid, that's where she'd go. I used to just keep the drawer open for her but recently closed it. She doesn't seem to notice that it's closed and she hasn't opened it again.
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