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Healing vibes please

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Not for me but for my sister in Quebec. I just received news that she had a horseback riding accident and broke 5 ribs and they're still checking for damage of internal organs. She's now in the trauma unit in Sherbrooke U. hospital. Thank you!
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vibes coming your way..bad falls are never fun
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Sending healing vibes her way {{{{ }}}}
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OUCH! That sounds painful! Prayers for finding no internal damage, and her full recovery!
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Sounds very painful! I hope she'll be okay! Sending Prayers.
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Oh no!!! Healing vibes on the way for your sister, Yayi.
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sending good vibes your way hope your sister is ok
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I hope that your sister is OK. Please let her know that we are sending lots of healing vibes to her.
Here is a hug for you.
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Horse riding is such fun but a real high risk sport. I have all kinds of old injuries from it but I never let that stop me. I hope your sister is able to remount very soon.
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Sending lots of healthy, recover soon }}}VIBES{{{ to your sister and lots of to you, Yayi!
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I'm sending healing vibes her way!
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I hope that she has no internal injuries! Sending prayers for a quick recovery for her !
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I'm sorry to hear that, Yayi. I'll be thinking of you and your sister today and sending her all the healing vibes I can. I hope everything turns out ok for her
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Oh no! I hope evrything is OK! Sending LOTS of healing vibes her way and calming vilbes your way!
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How is she doing? Hope she's getting good care .
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more {{{prayers and healing vibes}}} for your sister! And a hug and a cup of hot,soothing tea for her anxious sister, too! Please keep us updated!
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That's just terrible! Many good vibes coming to your sister.
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Lots of healing vibes coming your sis's way Yayi!!
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I hope she is all right, I am sending lots of healing vibes!
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Aww thinking of your sister, yayi!
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Good vibes to your sister, bless her heart, i know she will be fine!! You both are in my thoughts and prayers!!
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Thinking of you and your sister Yayi - any updated news yet?
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Thank you so much everyone!
Sis has undergone some surgery to relieve the pressure in her lungs (due to some blood buildup). She has multiple fractures. But other than that she is no immediate danger.
Love you all!
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*sending lots of healing vibes**
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Hopeing and praying for a speedy and complete recovery for your sister!
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