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bath wipes

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i was just wondering are bath wipes good for cats other than giving them the real bath??? im just wondering even though i dont hve a cat yet
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i use wipes for quick clean aka i rolled in the mud and mom dont want mud in the house... I do avoid batheing cats for safety reasons..he he
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I've found the pet-specific wipes are nice for a quick-clean. They take off excess hair and give 'em a nice (if temporary) shine.

I also use...please don't kill me, TCS police, of those 3M pet hair rolling lint brushes on my kitty. A couple of times a day it really helps with the excess hair - Miss Kitty has hairball problems and this has helped greatly. I know it's not meant for kitty use, but it works wonderfully.

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lol o ok. thnx
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You can also by waterless shampoo from a pet store. That is what we use to clean pets after surgery! (most of the time the soil themselves)
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ah ok thnx
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I've never used the bath wipes. I have, however, used the dry bath powder. I use it on Peaches and like it for in betweens.
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I like the waterless shampoo better than wipes. I got this shampoo from a vet, they used it on my cat when he was there. I can't give my cats water bath, they freak out. So, I use waterless shampoo instead so they smell like a rose.
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I vacuum Bijou once a week. In between I brush him gently with a human hair brush.
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Personally I don't think any wipe accounts for a good scrub down in the bath. I do know quick a few short haired breeders that NEVER bathe their cats and only wipe them down. But they rarely win anything in the show halls and feel oily a lot.
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I cannot bathe Gremlin. He won't allow for it! I'd LOVE to be able to vaccuum him, but he is scared of the vaccuum and I don't feel like scarring him for life

I use baby wipes for his bum, and I will soak his paws in need be, but generally - he is a pretty clean guy.
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Hee! I also roll Nepheline with a 3M lint roller. She really likes it!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I vacuum Bijou once a week. In between I brush him gently with a human hair brush.
Oh my, if I even thought about vacuuming Harley, he would have a severe heart attack! He is so scared of that thing! Haha, I can just about imagine what would be going thru his poor little head if I came at him with the vacuum!
(I wish I could tho! But I do brush him )
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thnx for the infos
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I use wipes and the foam stuff both work just depends what is needed for the job...
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Originally Posted by home.slice
I use baby wipes for his bum, and I will soak his paws in need be, but generally - he is a pretty clean guy.
Ha! This is exactly what i wanted to ask you guys....
Cats are supposed to be generally clean animals. Recently I had a incident of Singa stepping in her poo and i had to wash her for that....

Ever since then I am totally grossed out of her running through the litter and then hopping in my bed to cuddle up with me...

Yesterday I wiped her rear and her paws with a wet washcloth so that I feel better with her in my bed!

Does anybody do a little minor cleaning before bedtime?
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I use them for wiping my fluffies faces [the unscented ones]
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[font=Century Gothic]jim and i got adventurous today and decided to see if bathing the babies would be easier if we took them in the shower with us rather than the traditional way of giving a bath. we started with little zoe, who's age is still measured in weeks, and it was pretty easy. i just curled her up to my chest with one arm while i wet, washed, and rinsed her with the other hand. she fussed a little, but not too badly. she also didn't run and hide from us after we let her go. sid put up much more of a fight, and i needed jim to hold him while i washed him, but again, much easier than any other time i've tried to wash him. just as amazing as it actually working, neither of us got clawed to ribbons in the process. we will DEFINETELY be using this method in the future!!! no more baths in the sink!! (and we were already in the shower to rinse off all the cat hair we got coated in lol)[/FONT]
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