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How Do We Socialize Kittens?

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Anybody here ever seen a little kitten chomping everything in sight? Well, we definitly have. Our little foster kittens are just starting to learn how to play, and they are ssooo cute. Everyone will be sound asleep, dreaming little kitten dreams, when suddenly, someone wakes up, and looks around. Thats the first sign of trouble. If the little fiend isn't stopped, he walks that little clumsy kitten walk over to the nearest chew toy (which may happen to be a arm, leg, ear, of his nearest sibling) and starts chomping. Those poor kittens, lol, they never knew what bit them Luckily, they don't really have teeth yet, so no one gets hurt. I can't wait until they get bigger, playing kittens is the cutest thing ever. Though I'm a bit worried about mommy cat after those teeth come in, ouch. We have a website for them, if you want to see pictures or are interested in adopting one: http://www.geocities.com/thecatsmeow110/ . We're south of Houston, TX.

BTW, I had a few questions for everyone. Besides for daily hugs and kisses and lots of attention, nail clipping and being shown dogs, what else can we do with these kittens (2 wks old on the7th) to make them really sweet and brave? I've read about showing them washers/vacuums/loud noises/brushing/ect. but how should we do that? Just hold them while its turned on? What about tooth brushing? (When they get teeth, lol). We want them to be really sweet, but how should we introduce them to other people? I guess we should invite other people to come see them, but should we involve treats(baby food)? How many people should come visit? Do you count it as men, women, girls, boys or as people? Does anyone have any other ideas? Do you think we should wait till they're older (around 3-4 wks) to do the vacuum/washer/visiters or start now?

One more question, lol. Any ideas about how to get them adopted? We've started early, looking for homes at 2 wks, but so far we've only had one inquiry, and she only wanted to know if they were free =P (their not free due to a adoption fee to cover spay/neuter). We made up some posters for the vets, stores, ect., but we haven't put them all up yet. Should we put them in the paper? If so, what age should we do it at? Do you think we should try the houston paper or our local paper? Does anyone know of any really other cat boards that we could post them on? We're posting them on Petfinders already. Well, I thinks thats everything, for the moment, lol.

BTW, If anyone knows any cat people in texas, could you please send them the adresse to the kittens website: http://www.geocities.com/thecatsmeow110/
in case they know of anyone who would want one.

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You are a great photographer, those are beautiful pictures. Gorgeous kittens, too. Once they are old enough, assuming mom has been tested for Feluek, I let them wander around (supervised) our house, exploring. That way they know what a normal home is like (LOL) and get used to people and other cats. From the time they are born, tho, friends come over to play with them, so they are used to all different people. Are you fostering for a shelter, and if so, wont they place them when the time comes?
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Welcome...as far as getting them familiar with people....allowing people to come and spend time with them is a good thing. I did that with my foster family. Do not encourage playing with body parts.....when they start chewing on you, divert their attention to more appropriate toys...such as feather toys, toy mice etc. Once kittens get into the habit of chewing or play fighting with hands...it is hard to get them out of that habit..so the earlier you can get them focused on the right things to play with..the better.

As far as placing them...there is a really good PDF called "How to find homes for homeless pets" by Best Friends...you can find it here:


It also has a good sample contract. I find that if you can place kittens together...that also helps as they will have a playmate to grow up with.

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awww such little cuties especially kiwi but theyre all cute . and yes great photographer
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Hi Oreo,

I'm not an expert, but I don't think you should worry so much about desensitizing the kittens to vacuum cleaners, loud noises, etc. The main thing is that the kittens learn to like humans and not be afraid of us. They need to accept being held, petted, talked to and so forth. I read somewhere that the age between 2-4 weeks is the most critical time for kittens to be socialized. I also read that learning to play is extremely important during this time. If the kittens are playful and affectionate towards humans, they will be adoptable. Getting them used to different people by way of visitors is probably a good idea. Just start out with one or two, and see how it goes.

Baby food is always a good thing to have around with kittens. You never know when it might come in handy, and bribery always helps a lot. Turkey and Chicken flavors are the best.

You can also turn on the radio/TV while you're gone, to get them used to different human voices and noises, and also music.

Wish I could help you with the adoption issue. I got lucky and a no-kill shelter agreed to take my kittens. Putting pictures up at your vet's sounds like a good idea.

Just wait till their teeth come in and they can walk well. Your feet will never be the same
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Thanks so much for you adivice It is really helpful.

No, were not fostering for a shelter, we're their owners till we can find new ones. Since we live in a *really* small town, we don't actually have a shelter, and the nearest one says you have to be in the city limits to bring a animal. So, maybe we should start the smallest animal shelter in history, lol.

I really think that we will be able to find them homes. Their sweet, young, healthy, and cute. They got plenty going for them.

Thanks again for your help!
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What little sweeties! I don't see how anyone couldn't want one of those precious babies!!
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