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Not mine, sadly. He's my best friends obese fluffy guy! He's so huggable!

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Oh he is soooo cute! Is he a little crosseyed? He's adorable!!
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What a sweet looking Siamese. My Grandmother had two of them but she always told me that they were mine. Is this one very vocal? Once Minnie and Semone began to meow they never shut up. Grandpa was always annoyed but Grandma always told him to shut up, she prefered their conversation to his. HaHa Way to go Grandma...put him in his place.
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Looks like Brunie is putting a special face for the camera! He's even sticking out his tongue. What an adorable guy!
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What a priceless picture!
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Yes, he is a VERY talkative kitty. He has crossed eyes, fangs that hang over his bottom lips, a kinky, skinny tail, not to mention he's a bit of a fatty! But he is the sweetest guy you've ever met!
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Aww, little fatty looks so loveable
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He looks so sweet! I would love to cuddle him and give him tummy rubs.
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Awwww would you look at that adorable little face!
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Awww. He is a cutie!!
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