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Don't you hate it when...

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.. you're talking to someone who you are socially friendly (like through work or something, not really friends) and suddenly they say something about their pets that makes you just flinch?

I liked this woman enough to go chat with her at business BBQ type things. As I chatted with her she asks about my rescue work, and then mentions that she has lost 2 cats in the past two months. To her credit, she seemed quite upset. But she proceeds to tell me that one got hit by a car, and the other "started getting really strange, bad hairball things, and then went outside and never came back."

Ugh. I liked her more before that convo.
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Hmmmmm.....yeah I'd have some questions running through my head after that too.
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I guess it was more scary because she was talking about why she wouldn't adopt one of my kittens. Which at least saved me from explaining why I wouldn't adopt out one of my kittens to her.
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Yup, know what you mean. I try to keep be open to people, but whenever I find out someone doesn't like cats, there's a big black X against their name in my mind!!
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Oh, and worse - why the would someone tell you an unpleasant story about an animal upon finding out that you have cats?! Seriously, if someone just told me they have a 3 year old daughter, would I gone on to say "oh, did you hear about that little girl who got killed blah blah blah...."
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oh man.... those "cat just disappeared" people really get to me. i really get very irritated with those people. how is it not obvious that cats get sick and need medication just like people do?? i just don't get those people who think - oh... cats, they can take care of themselves. they all come with their own lifetime supply of invisible antibiotics, furball remedy and emergency mice for when times get tough.

urgh... i just want to strangle those people or tell them to go back to the stone age!!
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