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My new home

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Ok, I was supposed to post that a few days ago but I've been very busy with school (that's the problem with studying something you like... you don't want to get away from the books )

Here are some pictures of my new apartment.
It's fairly small but I like it. As far as cheap one-bedroom student apartments go, I think I got a nice one.

The main room (which I divided in a "living room" and "office" area)

(notice Kinah hiding in that picture...)

The "living room" with Joshua enjoying his new couch (I got it on his birthday, so it's his)

The Kitchen
Notice that the fridge and stove are missing. I got my fridge since but not the stove. I should get it soon.

The bedroom

(nevermind the old blanket used as a curtain. I will buy real blinds/curtains soon)

That's it for now. I don't have any pictures of the outside yet.
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Congrats! It looks nice and cozy! I don't miss studying too much.....I'm glad someone enjoys it!
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Congratulations! It looks like you're settled in.
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Very cool place!!
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Looks cozy.
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Very nice. The kitties look like they're settling in, too.
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It looks great!

I remember, oh too well, having blankets and sheets over the windows!
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aww thats soo nice! slowly slowly everything will come in place, my apartment still isnt
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Looks nice, very clean.
LOL at the blanket! There's someone here in our building who just uses a blanket over the window, and we're like "how come they don't just buy cheap curtains?"! They never have the sunlight coming in!
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Congrats on your new home! I like how you decorated it!
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Congratulations! It looks great!! Your babies look happy too!
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Congrats on your new place!, I love the wood floors!
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can i ask how you transported your fishies??
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Originally Posted by fwan
can i ask how you transported your fishies??
I only have one fish. The night before I left, I emptied the aquarium and put him in a bucket (we had to leave very early the next morning). I also put the filter in the bucket and made sure it didn't move around and accidently crush the fish.
I left just enough water to cover the filter (I didn't want the filter to dry up and all the good bacteria in there to die).

The next morning I taped a plastic bag over the top of the bucket and put him in the truck in a position where the bucket wouldn't tip over. Once at the new place, I put just enough water in the tank to cover the filter and slowly raised the water level.

It wasn't too bad. It was a 7 hour drive but the fish ended up spending almost a whole day in the bucket. Good thing he's a really though fish. I think I would have been more careful with a very delicate fish. I think the best way to do it is to carry the fish in a large bag or container, with lots of air in it and put the container in a cooler to keep the temperature constant. Main thing is to make sure the fish doesn't run out of oxygen and that the water temperature and chemistry doesn't change too much (moving as much of the aquarium water as possible)
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Nice place!
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very nice i like it congrats
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Congratulations! Must be exciting!
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