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my crazy threecolor cat

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i have a threcolour cat and she is about one year old.
she allways bite and scratch and getting very crazy.
it allways happens when i'm coming home from work and it drives me crazy. i tried to buy her all kind of games but she still bites and scratches the sofas and what raely dirves me crazy is that she is scratching my bad when i'm sleeping....
if i'm tring to close her outside my room she's cring and scratching the door and last night she opened the door by herself, she simply junps on the handle and get inside.
i read that it is not good to shout and punish the cat because it's only gets worse but i'm so frustrated and i spent a lot of money for all the games.
it seems like everything i do is not good for her and she still keep on bite and scratch even if she sleeps with me and purr she can get mad in a second and getting into flipmaode.
i 'll be happy to get help from anyone who can...
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Oh what a gorgeous kitty!!! I used to have a kitty who looked just like your baby and I can tell you she was a bit moody too. I don't really have much advice, I just wanted to welcome you to the Site and tell you how cute your kitty is Hopefully Sandie will be on soon, she knows a lot more about this tuff than most of us Good luck!
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Hi there!

She is probably wanting to play. Do you leave cat toys out for her when you are not there? Do you play with her alot when you are home? The best thing I can suggest if she is biting & sratching you is to say no loudly (don't shout) and firmly & turn away from her. If she is looking for attention & you give it to her when she displays negative behaviours, then she will associate those negative behaviours with good things.
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Adymarie is exactly right. If you are playing with her, or she is laying in your lap, and she starts to bite or scratch, just calmly put her down or turn away or walk away from her. Conversely, when she is playing correctly, be sure and lavish the attention on her. I personally have never been able to complete break a cat of this habit (I have one right now that does it), but it does decrease greatly when you let them know by your ignoring them that it is unacceptable behavior.

Also, I get the idea that she is also scratching the furniture? If so, have you gotten her a scratcher? There are all types - post ones, inclined ones, flat ones, as well as all kinds of covers - carpet, wood, sisal, etc. Sometimes, unfortunately, you have to buy several before you find the kind your cat likes. But you can get good ones for less than $20.00. Since she likes to hang off the doorhandle, you might try the ones that go over a door handle.

Hopefully you can get her to tone down her behavior. She sure is a beauty. I'm partial to torties and callies. And tabbies. And tuxes. And meezers..........
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Another thing I have always done with my cats is make a clear distinction between me and the toys. I never used my hands, sleeves, or feet to play with the cat and quickly discouraged attempts to make me into a toy.

I know many people don't do this but, I give my cats smacks on the rump when they get out of line and say no very firmly. After a few times they learn the word and react to that without need of a smack on the rump. None of my cats have ever developed a fear of hands from that.

My first cat was also one that would bother me while sleeping or cry if he was locked out of the rooms. What we did was him was create a sleeping space in a basement room and put a loop and hook on the door. We made sure we always put him down to sleep at the same time and always woke him up at the same time. He learned the schedual and stopped crying. Only in rare occasions if he was put to bed later than usual would he cry.
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