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TNR Mission #2...the Saga Continues...

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I posted a little while back under Thread titled "Last Minute...Did I Forget to do Something?...Where I tried catching one the adults from a feral colony that I've been caring for. Silly me I tried catching them using a cage rather than a trap. Long story short...after 45-minutes of them mocking me...they all took off for the day and left me standing in a complete sweat in my backyard holding a cage

Well...here we go again.

The Enlisted Team: A woman who works with my Humane Society and has successfully trapped/neutered/spayed/released 12 cats will physically be here to assist in keeping things...(me) under control.

Recovery Team: A friend is willing to keep the adult cat in her home (in trap) for the 2-day recovery time

The Subjects: A colony of five adults consisting of 2 males & 3 females.

The Plan: The trap is now in my backyard in full view of the colony. The door that shuts is presently zip-tied so it does NOT close down...just yet. Their dinner & late night snack will be served in the trap NOT in their rubbermaid feeding station. This will continue for Sunday's breakfast & lunch.
Hopefully, the will eat in the trap & not go hunting.

The Hitch: small but it does exist...there are 2 kittens out there with the colony...6-7 wks. of age...ALL the females are nursing & caring for these 2 little ones. I do not want to scare the kittens whereas they leave the "nesting" area and will not be able to be found after the trapping of the adults.

The Time & Place: Tomorrow around 6pm, the TNR lady will come to my home and set the trap door properly. I will go out & feed the colony like normal and hopefully...keeping fingers crossed...one of those fuzzy faces will be trapped. Vet. appointment is for Monday between 9 & 10 am. If we fail Sunday evening, we get a 2nd shot at it Monday morning.

Sheet is ready to cover trap...newspapers are out ready for shredding...friend for recovery is on-call...vet. appointment is set...OK...I'm ready to roll Wish me luck and hoping my shaking legs keep me going
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Let us know how it goes! I'm routing for you.
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Excellent..good luck.

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