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two things i have discovered....

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hey guys....

thing number one

for the last 3 years i've suffered from extremely bad PMS/PMT symptoms... swelling, water retention, bloatedness, crankyness, hot sweats, cramping and of course.... the binging and the lousy skin.

anyway, i was watching tv about a month ago and saw this show about sepia. it is a homeopathic remedy. in a nutshell it is supposed to cure all sorts of PMT/PMS related issues. so even though i don't usually give these homeopathic remedies much credit out of desperation i tried it... i've been on in for almost a month and i had none of the symptoms that i usually have... NONE. so much soothat i actually thought i was a week late!! anyway... if you're in my shoes it's worth a shot.

thing number two...


i've been using this programme for a while ... and i've lost about 10lb. it's easy to use and you can download a two week free trial no strings attatched. it's like a calorie logger but has a lot of other cool functions that allow you to set a target weight, save calories for "feast" days etc. if you're on a diet and into the whole eat sensibly thing then it's pretty handy to have.

ok... i'm done.
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Can you provide more info or a link on sepia? I have the same problems, & what really stinks is that as I've gotten older, my periods are in a 21 day cycle, not 28!!! I might have 1 week of feeling normal & am getting so sick of it already.
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i sure can....


a general search on google for PMS +sepia +homeopathis remedy should also turn up some stuff.
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Interesting. I have those symptoms for PMS as well but I know the cause of mine.
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