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Prayers or good vibes please?

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Hi guys, well I took Jasper and Tia in this morning for checkups and their booster vacs. Tia did fine and so did Jasper until it was shot time. Then he got VERY upset, growling and when I put him back into his carrier, he was hissing and striking the door so hard he almost knocked it open . When we got back home and we let them out of their carriers Jasper started throwing up and panting. I called the vet back and he said that he felt it was "just stress because he got so upset about the shots, and he has never had a reaction before, but just watch him and if he continues to vomit or you are concerned take him to the ER vet because we are closed this afternoon. Jasper hasn't thrown up anymore and has stopped panting but he continues to sit up on his chest and sorta makes a gulpy sound when he swallows like he WOULD throw up but there isn't anything left...If he gets worse I will take him in. So if anyone could spare some "back to normal" prayers or vibes I would really appreciate it. I think I will be looking for another vet as well. I might be over reacting but jasper has never done this before and he has been upset at the vets prior to this. Any suggestions welcomed.
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Mega back to normal vibes! While my cats has never done this one of the birds has - he dosen't like to travel and hates the vet even less. He will pant, throw up, etc - take him a bit to calm down.
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Lotsa back to normal vibes for Mr Jasper! How very upsetting. It does sound like time for a new vet.
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Sending mega quick recovery vibes for Jasper. Poor little man.
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I'm sending good vibes. Have you checked to see if he has a fever? A bad reaction to shots can mean vomiting, diarrhea, and an elevated temperature. Make a note of his reactions, and even if the symptoms disappear right away, make sure to inform your vet the next time Jasper is due for shots - your vet can administer an antihistime against allergic reactions, or not give the "combination" shots again.
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Good vibes and prayers to Jasper! Take the advice from everyone else!
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Poor baby, sounds like he got himself all worked up.
Oliver had a bad reaction to the FeLeuk booster when he had his first round, but I'm assuming Jasper has had that series of shots before...if he's not vomiting, I'd say its safe to wait til morning and take him into the vet then if he's still not 100%.
Hopefully he just got a little stressed out. Poor baby.
Keep us posted
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Get better Jasper ...
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Poor Jasper...I hope he's feeling better now? Update us when you can.
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Put some vanilla extract under his chin. Put him a in a dark, quiet room with plenty of fresh water. Give him a box or something similar to hide in with a lot of soft bedding in it. Check him for the third eyelid showing- scruff him and see if his skin stays tented up or it if folds back down in seconds. Place your finger next to his gum, press lightly and then release, and see if the color comes back in seconds. If you have feliway spray, mist the room he will sleep in lightly to calm him down. If you have any CD's with classical music- celtic or harps, play that endlessly on a really low volume in the room.

Good luck,and I hope he returns to normal soon
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I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and good vibes. He is better this morning and I think he will be fine. I will just be sure in the future that he only gets one shot at a time and hope this doesn't happen again.
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