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Alaska Trip Pictures!!

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My husband and I went to Alaska for 10 days, and just got back last weekend. We had a great time! I've posted some pictures from our trip at The album to put into the "Search" field is ObiHawk.
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Those are great pictures!, they look like they came right out of a magazine or calender!!

How long were you in Alaska?
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Fantastic Pictures
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Wow! Great pics. Alaska looks so beautiful and wild. What were you doing so close to those bears!!!
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Those were incredible pictures. Alaska looks so beautiful and so vast. Your photos really gave a feeling a tranquility - it must be so peaceful there. I LOVED the photos of the clouds/mist hanging over the landscape - I have a weakness for clouds . Thank you so much for opening your album to us.

As Photobucket was running through the slideshow I got to enjoy your Death Valley in bloom pictures again - they were lovely.
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You succeeded in making me homesick- Great pictures though!
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I don't see any pictures.
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Hope - you need to open and type obihawk into the album search box.
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Hope - you need to open and type obihawk into the album search box.
Thanks. The photo's are beautiful. I especially love the close up of the squirrel.
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Absolutely breathtaking! You took my dream trip! I love the seaotters!!
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Originally Posted by pushylady
Wow! Great pics. Alaska looks so beautiful and wild. What were you doing so close to those bears!!!
My camera has a good zoom function! Don't worry, I'm not foolish enough to think "awww, wook at da cute little teady bear!" and try and get close. That reminds me! At a ranger station where we stopped to get info before going on a trail, they had a board where you could write what you'd seen that day, so other people knew what to expect on the trail. People had written on each trail "black bear at 9 a.m." etc. Well, one person managed to write "female moose and cub". Hmmmm. I was laughing, trying to decide if she meant to write "and calf" or if there really was a moose wandering around with a bear cub!!
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Thoes pictures are beautiful! You need to submit some to a photo contest! They look professional!
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Great pictures!
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WOW! great pics! absolutely stunning!
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That looked like an awesome trip! I loved your flower pics from your trip to Death Valley
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What amazing pictures! I live in Michigan so to see a mountain is an amazing thing! I would love to go to Alaska someday!
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Those pictures are stunning. We visited Alaska 10 years ago and I have very fond memories about that trip.
I see you visited Seward and Denali (LOVE the moose picture! ). Did you see the Kenai fjords as well?
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Great pics! We vacationed in Alaska three years ago. Isn't it incredible?
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Oh no, now you've gone and done it.............I've got the itch to move to Alaska again. We almost moved a year ago. I'm an RN and wouldn't have difficulty finding a job, but with 5 cats and 2 dogs, it's almost impossible to find somewhere to rent. Absolutely beautiful photography. Oh...the moose....

Maybe we'll visit some day.

Sue Ann
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Great pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!!
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I am so jealous! Alaska is beyond beautiful. I hope to live there again someday!
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Oooh so pretty!
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