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DT for Saturday - Ground Hog Day!

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Well - I think Phil will see his shadow - always does, no matter how hard I pray that he won't!

Am heading out soon to have coffee with my sister and terrorize the local diner for an hour or two......then the housework! Why can't we have disposable everything???????

Have a great Saturday and pray for clouds where Phil the groundhog lives!
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Well, it sure looks like more winter weather is on the way in this area! Its snowing as I type. Bleck! Anyone know what the verdict is with Punxatawney Phil? When do they usually do the whole ceremony?
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Good day all!

I actually have to work for 1/2 a day today. You have Phil & we have Bolsover Bob the groundhog. I really hope winter ends soon. I am sitting at my desk with a HUGE hot chocolate waiting until I can go home/run errands etc. I hope everyone has a great day!
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I have never heard of Bolsover Bob! How can that be?? :LOL: I've always heard of Phil, but really wasn't aware that we had our own Canadian version. :tounge2:
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It is an Ontario thing. I think that most of Canada follows Phil. I only think that Phil & Bob disagreed once about the coming of spring in the last 20 yrs or so.
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I lived in Ontario for a while a few years ago. Ever been to Belleville? Its a beautiful town. I missed the Maritimes too much to stay away though. The seagulls in Ontario are kinda puny compared to Nova Scotian ones
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Definately been to Belleville and it is lovely. I happen to be a Kingston fan myself. It is a beautiful little town. We have a few big seagulls in cottage country & I can believe the size they get to be on the East coast. I am hoping to talk my hubby into a trip to the East coast this fall!
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Its beautiful out here in the Fall!!!The Lighhouse route in Nova scotia is amazing that time of year. Also,If you get the chance, definitely check out the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, it overlooks all the colorful trees and the ocean, truly beautiful.
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Thanks for the info. Only problem is finding a cat sitter for more than 1 wk. My mother in law normally stays at our place when we have been on holiday, but we have never been gone for more than a week. To drive out there and see everything I want to see I want to take at least 2 wks!
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I wish we had the beautiful change of seasons you guys have. I've been up north to New York and it was really quite gorgeous in the fall...I lived there for four years and I loved it. However; the cold can be brutal; then again, so can 104+ degees!

We do have a little change in the weather, but not enough from summer to fall. I love the colors of the's so vibrant. When I lived in NJ...the spring was incredible. The flowers were so abundant and talk about color! I'm not complaining...we're going to be moving up to Conneticut for a little while, but I'll keep my house down here too. That way we can have the best of both worlds...I can't wait to ski...never have!

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Adrienne - yeah I'd plan for at least two weeks- there's so much to see here! When we moved to Ontario we traveled by train, that was sooo awesome. We had a sleeper car and it took a few days altogether. The changes in scenery from one Province to another are incredible. You'll enjoy the drive
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It is so gorgeous out today!!! The sun is shining and it's brisk out! I'm going for a walk shortly. I love to be outside when it's so pretty out.

Adrienne, where would you go? I'm not familiar with the Canadian east coast.
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We would drive from Toronto thru Quebec. Then we would probably hit all or most of the costal provinces. I really want to go to PEI (Prince Edward Island) because I am a BIG Anne of Green Gables fan. New Brunswick is optional, definately Nova Scotia & I have some friends in Newfoundland. My godmother's husband has a house in Nova Scotia (he is former owner of Schooner Beer & Oland breweries). We can stay there for a bit. On the way there or back I will have to stop in Sherbrooke Quebec as I have many good friends there!
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PEI is awesome You'll get to travel over the bridge too, instead of having to take the ferry. I'd be terrified to drive over that if it was windy though The sand on the beaches in PEI is red! So cool Don't forget to get some awesome 'Cows' ice cream while you're there
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Just want to say Good morning to you all! It is a beautiful day here...the sun is shining, even though there is a foot of snow outside! Maybe it will melt most of it off today!
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New Brunswick is optional again. Well hey..ya gotta go thru us to get to them..we sneakily planned it that way. You'll drive right down most of the St.John River valley which many people from Europe compare favorably to the Rhine river. They just opened a new stretch of 4 lane from Fredericton to Moncton that goes thru the woods if you're in a rush. Or you can take the old road from Fredericton to Sussex if you want a more scenic route along the river banks. There's only about 1 1/2 hours difference total.

BTW...I'm surprised nobody mentioned Wireton Willie,the white groundhog. The original passed away back during the Bill/Monica era and they were advertising for a replacement. Someone on the Buffalo NY station suggested calling up ol' Bill since he had a White Willie he wasn't going to be using for awhile.

Note: over half of my "smilies" are non-operational. Anyone else having a prob??
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Hiya, Wayne! I guess I haven't noticed any problems with my smilies. Maybe someone else has. Hope your having a wonderful day there!
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I'm so sorry Wayne (smacking self in head) I forgot that you lived in NB. Now I'll have to do a quick tour of the province for sure!
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just remember to bring LOTS of film because you'll go thru tons of it in the Maritimes. Each province has it's own unique features. The upper parts of NB are Tres Francais;especially the Acadian Penninsula: Bathurst,Caraquet,Shippegan,Tracadie.

If you love Anne of Green Gables,the playhouse in Charlottetown has repeat performances of Anne;done in live theater,every summer.

Be warned,the Maritimes are addictive. Once you've been here you just want to keep coming back.

BTW...Barb's working on some web pages of NB photos(sssh..big secret) from when she was here. No,not THOSE photos.. . Anyhow they should be along directly.
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I am chiming in a bit late. Ooooops, sorry. First off , I just have to say YAY Catarina is moving to Connecticut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be within a short drive now, so she has no excuse not to come to Cape Cod and chill w/ me and my kids ( kitties included )!!!!!!!!! I am so happy.

It was gorgeous here today as well. Sunny and cold. But very windy. My brother and his 3 children came for a visit, so my house is trashed. Guess I'll be spending my night cleaning. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Great big Saturday nights plans, eh?? Me and the Mop!!
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