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Old cat back with a new kitten !

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Some of you may remember us with Seren, our cat who got poisoned by metaldehyde last year. Happy to say she made a full recovery and is in great health again along with her sister Shelley

The two tabbies have now been joined by a third cat well kitten to be precise.

A friend rang us to say that she had found a kitten crying at the bottom of her garden so we went along and found the poor little thing who was only about 3 weeks old.

No idea what had happened to the mother, I preseume she was feral, we did look around but there didn't seem any obvious signs of a nest or that any other cat had been near.

Anyway, this poor little thing was snufling and sneezing badly so we got her warm and took her home

Vet diagnosed kitten flu and warned us that she may not make it.

That was 5 weeks ago and with lots of milk and antibiotics she has fully recovered to take complete charge of the familly already !

Eats more than the other 2 cats put together and runs around like a lunatic

So we'd like to introduce baby Olivia to you

2 sets of pics in the link below. First lot from when we found her at 3 weeks and the second lot from last week

Thanks for having us back !,

Mark and Hazel
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Welcome back!! Great job raising your new baby!!!
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Welcome back, Mark and Hazel! I prayed so hard for little Seren, and she certainly is a little miracle having recovered in such a perfectly complete manner! She and Shelley are so beautiful! Olivia is just precious! Her perfect health is such a testiment to your gentle, diligent loving care! So glad you've returned to the family!
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Welcome back! My she has grown so much - and looks quite confident abut her living arrangements.
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Welcome back!!, I'm so glad to hear that all your kitties are doing well!
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Welcome back Mark and Hazel - I'm so glad to here that Seren made a full recovery; although I don't think I was around when she was clearly very poorly.
Welcome back to Shelley too and a warm new welcome to your frenetic little bundle of fluff Olivia. I bet you have great fun watching her run around.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Mark, so nice to see you here again. Thanks for updating on Seren. I did wonder what happened to her. Thrilled to hear she made it through.

Your little one looks like she has had a hard life up to now. May her path be easier to walk under your concerned care- She is a doll and so are you for saving her!
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Even though I didn't know you before, welcome back! Olivia is such a sweet little doll!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Awww, Olivia is super cute!!!

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Thanks everyone for the welcome back !. You are all very kind
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welcome back! and hugs to you and the baby! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio and surrogate mom to a year old shepard mix baby girl Freesia
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Hi Donnna, they look a lovely trio.

I've always wanted a ginger cat but i don't think I dare try and squeeze any more into the house for now
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awwww such cute little kitty. i like the pic wen he was next to the laptop
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Originally Posted by maane1005
awwww such cute little kitty. i like the pic wen he was next to the laptop
Lol, she's a nightmare when i'm trying to write code, pouncing on typing fingers. Just when I think she's nodded off,she'll spring into action
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Hi welcome back to the site.
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