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Is it a fetish or a phase??

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Chloe has some fascination with water that developed shortly after I moved back to OKla.

So let me explain to you what is going on.
-First she sits and looks sideways at it for a while.
-Then she sticks her face in it.
-Then she sticks on paw in it and starts scratching at it, and therefore moving all of the water from the bowl... to the floor.
-Whatever water is left in the bowl, she dips her paw in it, and then starts licking it off.
-She will sit at (any of the animal's water dish) and does this for about 20 minutes or so. It was cute the first couple of times, but I swear it is getting on my last nerve. Because now she has discovered people water glasses.

And she now does it with those too. Tipping it over, water goes everywhere, glass breaks. We do pretty good about not leaving them out, but sometimes we forget...

This morning she got all the way in the dogs bowl(it is a big glass bone-shaped bowl) and started kicking water out and drinking at the same time.
Needless to say, when she is finished getting a drink of water, her entire head, legs and underside is wet.

She is about 6 months old. Is this a kitten thing perhaps, or is she going to do this forever. Maybe I should invest in one of the little hampster type water dispensers.
My mom says it is a water fetish, my dad says it is a kitten phase, and I say GRRRRR!!! Annoying!
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Sunni did it...and didn't outgrow it...sorry
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Vash does it.
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I have 2 cats that have a water fetish. Try taking a shower alone at my house. Good luck.

They have been this way since they were kittens and I guess they may never outgrow this weird behavior. But at least no one can complain that I have dirty or smelly furbabies at my place. HaHa
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Miss Kitty is a water whore.

She plays with it, washes herself in it, bats at it, and occasionally drinks it.

I've found the soloution for us is multiple water bowls around the house. That way she always has a drink, even when I'm not refilling them hourly.

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