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I am talking with a friend on the phone who is telling me of someone using Lysol on a 2-month old kitten to kill fleas!! Is there anyway to try to wash this off the kitten????
Please help....kitten doesn't sound like it's doing so good....and according to my friend these people aren't taking the kitten to the vets.
I also posted this in care and grooming.......sorry mods...but, I'm really worried for this kitten and need quick advice....I can't go take the cat....they live too far for me to do that.
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I'd say to tell your friend to take the cat to the vet. Have her tell the people that own it that she will cover the fee or something. Other than that I would say get the cat into the bath ASAP!

Some people are not meant to have animals!!
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All I can do is cry....I can't drive over and take the cat...they live an hour away.
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I just answered the PM- the kitten needs a VET NOW- Lysol is so toxic, depending on how much they used if they used it full strength. There is NOTHING to dilute the toxins, and if this kitten isn't dead yet, it soon will be.
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Is there an animal rescue league in your area...can they get the cat...if not maybe you should call the cops....that is very distressing.....threaten to call the cops if they do not bring it to the serious
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the kitten died. I don't even know the sex to do a tribute to it. I am needless to say dumbstruck. I don't know how anyone could be sooooo stupid as to even have tried that "remedy".

RIP unknown kitty...I am so sorry you had to die needlessly and so horribly.
Thank you hissy and Deb25 for trying to help me. I just wish these people would have tried to take it to the vets....even if it died enroute, at least it would have shown some care and concern for this kitty.
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OMG ...I don't even know what to say...I would be through the roof right now if i were you...I am sorry you had to go through that.........

R.I.P.sweet kitten. Heaven will take care of you
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I am so sorry. I hope that this thread can alert someone to this danger in the future. And it makes me angry that some people regard their animals as so disposable.
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well i hope they are happy with themselves...

how in the world can you be so naive

i know you said this was a friend, but where in the world are these peoples common freakin-sense

RIP little one
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This is so terrible and heart breaking. RIP angel
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rip little kitty
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This poor kitten, the pherols cannot be absorbed by the kitten's system. It was looking at severe toxic shock and then the liver would shut down. I shudder to think of what this little one had to endure because his owner took leave of common sense! For cripes sake, just reading the label will tell you it is harmful to children and small pets! This rates right up there with that guy who power-washed his kittens because "their bums were dirty!"
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So Sorry to hear about this. How cruel and stupid. I know they are friends but I'd reconsider that frienship, seriously. Lysol is toxic, can't they even read the label? Would they spray it on themselves or the food they were about to eat? It don't take an Einstein to figure out using that would be harmful and lethal.

R.I.P. little sweety
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Poor little kitten. RIP little one. Although your life was short, know that you were loved.

What is wrong with people?
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Of course I would never be so stupid as to spray it on my cat, I do use Lysol to clean my bathrooms and that is where my kitty litter box is.
Is this an issue also? If so what is a safe, effective cleaner?
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It is only an issue if you leave large puddles of it on your floor. But really, to be safe you should switch to a green cleaner, or just use hot vinegar and water- works just as good.
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