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Question about they are gone

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Hello! If I would use wrong words, please apologise. Some of my cats are gone years ago and all of them have a grave. My question is, what are you doing with yours, they are gone.
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Many people in the states choose to have their pets cremated, and place the ashes in an urn which can they keep in a special place in their home. That way, if you move homes, you can still have your pets remains with you. This is what my family chose to do when our cat Katy died in '03.
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We have a cat burial ground in my parents back yard. My mom and dad have spent alot of time landscaping it. It is a very peaceful place to go and sit and remember them.
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Sunni is buried here with a memorial. My mom buried her cats in her yard the same way.
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Sometimes I have buried mine, in their favourite garden spots if possible, but the last two I had cremated. I put Juniper's ashes in a large pot and planted a juniper tree on top. I had him for 16 years and now I will take him with me when I move.
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I bury my pets in my yard, in an unmarked grave. At my current house, they are under a honeysuckle bush that flowers in the spring. When I move, I do not bring their little bodies with me. But I do keep their memories tucked deep in my heart.

I think just like each person grieves differently, each person has a somewhat different way of dealing with the pets body. Whatever brings comfort to you and is respectful of the pet, is what should be done.

We have even had pets and fosters cremated at the vets office. My preference is to bring them home and bury them, but it doesn't bother me much to miss that little ceremony.

I am sorry you have lost many pets over the years! I hope you can understand what we are posting. We have members from all over the world, and I am glad they make the effort to post in English. Thank you.
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