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Peachey Keen

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I'm new to this board, thought I would post a picture of one of my cats. This is Peachey, he is 11 now going on 12. This picture was taken on his 11th birthday.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of my other cat, Isabel, yet. I got her three weeks ago and her pictures have not been developed yet.

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Hi There!

Your kitty's a big, beautiful boy! I love his eyes too!! I hope to see your Isabel up here soon too! Have a great time posting

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What a cutie pie! He does look big in that picture. How big is he?
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Well, I don't know his exact size but he is indeed a big cat. Every one that sees him comments on it. He is definately an armful and then some. :o) If I can locate my tape messure I will messure him.
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Found it... from nose to bottom he is 23 inches long. From floor to shoulder he is 15 inches (certainly not an easy measurement to take as he thought the tape measure was a toy).
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Yeah, I guess he's pretty big! I tried to measure my big one, but since he was lying down (his usual activity) it was hard, but I got very roughly what you got for Peachey, so Peachey must be pretty big, too!
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That sounds fun...I think I'm going to measure Opie...this should be very interesting... Now, I have to figure out how to do this without him playing with the tape too.

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That picture is gorgeous! Did you take it, or was it professionally done?

I had my Squirt professionally photographed when he was a kitten. There was a company that set up a trailer in the local Wal-Mart parking lot. It was a special promotion. I wish they'd come bac, because I'd love to have both of mine done now.

Anyway, welcome to the site.
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He looks like a good boy too! Spoil them a little do you???
Welcome and please join in on the conversations going on in the different forums.
Meow to the critters, too!
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That picture was taken at Petcetera... sort of a semi-professional thing. Basically they have nice cameras but clerks that don't really know what they are doing.

Peachey is a very good cat. Learns everything the first or second time. He listens to hand signals, sounds and voice commands. I also say listens as he doesn't always obey even though I know he knows what I mean! His first instinct is to listen and he sort of spasms then you can see his thoughts go across his face "wait a minute! I don't want to come over there!"
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Beautiful kitty you have there!!!!!!!!!! Love his coloring!
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I did measure him and he was 27 inches long and 16 7/8 inches high!!! He's a big one! hahaha! He's getting a little round too He's not able to go run around outside and I'm glad that he's inside now. He sustained a very bad injury (horrible one) and it took five hours of surgery to put my boy back together! So, I guess I'll just have to look after his diet a little better, though it's very hard with growing babies around. They want to eat constantly! hahaha
I'd like to mention how it seems that all cat lovers (well many of them) are very close to their cats...so close in fact a mental telepathy seems to be spoken between us... I have a dog and all the cats are very curious about her, to the point they have been getting much braver going through the serve through window out from the kitchen to the porch. Not Opie...he is sooooo bad. I get him very playful and I'll open up the porch door and say "Go get that dog Opie and it's soooo funny...Opie will chase that dog, hissing and swatting! OMG!!! I should get a cam and show you guys! As a matter of fact, I will and you'll LYAO!!
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Cat - I gotta see that!!!
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I meausered my 2 big guys...Pepper is 34 inches, and tigger is 31 inches... Welcome to the cat site, and you have a beautiful kitty!
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WOW! thats huge!
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Just wanted to add my welcome to you here!
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