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Originally Posted by Salem Cat
Maybe not in the big cities(? I dont know), but in the small towns here in Iowa, it is very much investigated! And the person(s) involved with taking these cats would be found! My husband puts in Alarm systems and cameras and I get to hear all the stories...so I know this for a fact!
We also had many things stolen from my job, and it was never investigated either.
Some people are going around, stealing right and left. I don't think any of them ever got caught.
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I agree that the friend's story could be fishy. The usu. scenario for pets in a hot car is trying to find the owners in the nearby businesses and/or calling the police, and waiting around the vehicle till they or the fire dept. arrives, and usu. that attracts many bystanders. And the odds of someone willing to break into a car & steal catcarriers on the supposition that the cats inside are prize cats seems pretty remote as well. Plus, the breaking and entering would have indeed taken some time, unless they were as equipped as a AAA tow-driver. I'd love to hear the outcome of the cats' fates. {{{Prayers and vibes}}} for their safe recovery, poor babies!!!
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I live in NH and saw this on the news. To be honest, (and I'm a wicked nice, generous and many times naive person) I had a hard time believing the whole thing.

I wanted to post on this when I read it but today is my first day of being able to post in the IMO section.

Anyhow, when this lady was interviewed- her reaction was like this fake cry (could be totally wrong but it seemed like it) and all she said (that they showed on the news anyway) was how they were supposed to be in a show the following week (or two). So, for me- I was taken back that the only time she visibly broke down was when she talked about them possibly not making it to their next show.

If that were my cat, and they went missing like that- a show (not that I would ever show my cats, I'd personally rather spend my time rescuing) would be the LAST thing on my mind.


Is there any update if the cats were returned? I haven't heard anything since?
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