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Originally Posted by Oz'sMum
<snip> or the cat who sits there, saying, "you threw it, you get it". Or "I'm not going out in that rain for anything" I know who gets my vote.
That description sounds like the dog we had when I was in high school (and well beyond...). Felicia was the most STUBBORN little dog, and my Dad's best friend. (She was a pit mix.) We had to carry her over any running water (even if it was a trickle in the gutter), and if you told her NO she would get mad, bark at you and run in circles at top speed around the house! She was a real hoot! I think she was part cat, now that I know cats.
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I've always been a cat person -- as far back as I can remember!

I was afraid of dogs until a few years ago, because my brother was badly attacked by a Beagle when he was a toddler, and I also was attacked by a dog as a child. Funny thing is, the first dog that I really got to know as an adult was a Beagle, and he was the sweetest dog. Yet another story to substaniate the nature vs. nuture debate.

Now I love dogs! But I always ask the owner first if I can pet them before I approach. And I love all other animals -- I'm probably going to get an African Grey parrot in a few years. They are just adorable.
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I've had cats since I was 2. So I guess that means all my life! I never had a dog till the 8th grade and I love them too, but I'm still more of a cat person!
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I was born into a two cat house... I have spent fours yrs of my 28 without one... three of those due to Moms mourning of her Nikko .... and 18 months of me living away from Kandie
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All of my life
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I've always been an animal lover, but was never a cat mommy until a little over a year ago. Ever since then, I've been in love with these wonderful creatures!
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I was born into a house of cats, and always have had cats sicne, other than a 2 year period after we lost our cat, but we got two after we greived him. I have alwasy loved cats bunches, and I would ahve to say I know more about cats than I do any other animal, but I also worked in a no-kill cat rescue for two years xP

But I am a animal lover all the way, no matter the breed, species, or size, I love em all <3
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I've always been a "critter person" -- loved any animal I came in contact with. But I grew up with dogs. Dogs were my experience of pets. I love them and one day I will have the lifestyle to share with a dog -- I hope.

When I was first on my own, I didn't have any pet. Then I moved to larger quarters, and part of the equation was a pet. I didn't have an appropriate lifestyle for a dog, but wanted a pet I could have a real relationship with, who would give a **** whether I was home or not and let me know if my behaviour was not acceptable. Enter Shasta -- and my education about cats. That was over 27 years ago.

I am irrevocably a cat person -- don't want to think about life without at least one cat, preferably more. Someday, I may have an appropriate lifestyle to include a dog. If not, I'll continue enjoying other people's canines, but I'll have my cat -- at least one.
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My mom and dad got a Cat (Boo) when I was 2 years old, and then Boo had Kittens and we kepts one and named her Jasmine. I have grown up with Cat's and love them so much. So I would say I have been a Cat person since I was 2 years old
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I was a cat person when I was little, but when I got older I was a dog person. Then I got Cupid and I was a Cupid person. (I didn't like cats, just Cupid) Then about a year ago, I started liking other people's cats as well, so I guess I became a cat person. However, I think I like cats and dogs equally because there are things I love about both of them. Cupid has a few characteristics that dogs usually have, but he's definately a cat. When we had some strangers over one time getting our fish, the girl said Cupid acts like a little dog.

I love all animals, but cats & dogs are the only ones I'd ever have as pets so I'd have to say they're my favorites.
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I have always been a cat person - I can't remember a time that I wasn't. My parents were always talking about getting a dog when I was growing up - I can remember objecting vehemently. I'm sure many people adore having a dog around, but I couldn't imagine living with one - strange I know. It's always been cats for me.
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My Mother came home from work one day when I was about 10 with a little black and white kitten who had been born in a barn and her mum had been run over. Pickle was the start of my love of cats, although I've always loved any kind of animal. We got Tigger a few years later, and he was always my cat, followed me everywhere and purred if I even looked his way! We lost him 3 years ago just before I moved out of home and it broke my heart.

I debated for ages before getting my two now, as I know how much it's going to hurt when they're gone, but I just feel that a home isn't a home unless it has a few cat hairs on the sofa! I can't actually imagine ever being without cats now, my home would feel too lonely! I'm well and truely addicted
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Hm..... like lots of other kids growing up I was subjected to the usual brainwashing.. you know... a mom, a dad, a daughter, a son, a faithful golden retriever. Everywhere basically all I saw was families with dogs, doing things together and such. So naturally, as it has probably happened to you and to others, I wanted a dog growing up. When I was nine my mom's friend got a puppy from these people who had about 12 and they were Black lab/golden retriever mixes. Well my mom thought that would be a good time to get me a dog (since they were free) so we went over there (my mom took me out of school, saying I was going for shots, boy was I surprised) and though I was young I still had some sense to not pick ones that were jumping up and down and really active... though I still picked a pretty hyper puppy. After I got the puppy all the training fell to me (and really, how is a 9 year old girl supposed to know how to train a puppy?) so when we moved to missouri he ended up being an outside dog because he wasnt house trained all the way. Even though I tried my best. And then I was 10 years old being dragged around by a 1 year old dog that was taller than me when he stood up... so I hardly walked him since I COULDNT. And the day we moved in is when I noticed the two orphaned 2 month old kittens next door and learned the joy of the independant pet that wont bound away and drag you accross the muddy front lawn on your stomach after a squirrel.

I've loved cats ever since. But I dont HATE dogs. I just can only tolerate other peoples dogs for a little bit (and the tolerance goes away expecially when you eat and they stare at you! I cant stand that!) but If I were to get another dog I would know better and would train him better. ONe day I think I will get a dog again. But not for a while.
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I've had Cats, dogs and horses all of my life. I've loved them all since I was old enough to know there were animals.
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All of my life. I can hardly remember a time when there was no cats in my life!
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My first memory is about a cat.
When I was really young, maybe 2 years old, I saw a big orange tabby cat walking down our street.
I fell hopelessly & forever in love with cats that day. I'm am still in awe of them.
Cats Rule.
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Since I was 2+ years old
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If I had a larger house and more $$, I'd have 4 more!
That is exactly what i would do too
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I grew up with cats and dogs, until we moved in with my stepdad cos he hates cats, but the housemate I moved in with had two cats!! I love them both, and would love to have a dog at some point, but circumstances aren't right at the mo. It is odd that my grandparents and my mum have had cats for years, yet neither can understand why I want 2 cats, and why I would want to foster (neither of them know I have 6 cats in the house at the mo - my mum just shook her head last time she heard I had 5 in the house, she is getting to the point where she has given up telling me how stupid I am!!).
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...for as long as I can remember

I always had an affinity for cats, my father's family had a farm so cats were around everywhere. One of my dad's favorite pics of me when I was a kid was on Easter Sunday when I was about 4, holding a big fat white kitty . I think his name was Snowball

Then my grandmother had orange boy cat whom I LOVED so much (he was an outdoor kitty though)...To this day, I still have a soft spot for orange tabbies

Then Cody came into my life...another white boy cat who is still the love of my life (RIP 1998). We had him from the time I was 6 7/o till I was 22 y/o. I always Cody was my guardian angel, staying with me from the time I was in kindergarden till I graduated from college. I still get teary when I think of him

I didn't have another one till about 4 years later, when Cassie found my boyfriend and I. She is a plump little girl, calico with the most beautiful face a cat could ever have . She and I have our private little loving moments together, when she'll crawl into my lap and lay on me purring to get me up in the morning.

We recently introduced her to Napoleon Dynamite...a lithe Bengal tiger-y looking guy. He's a little talker...he loves to hear himself speak . He's growing on Cassie though, even though he is enamored with her

And I hate to think of the day when they may be gone, my two new babies, but I know I will always always be a cat person, and the more I have around me, and the more I see, I always think...well...I could just take *one* more LOL
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
For me, most of my life I've had dogs. Not until we got Trixie 4 years ago have I discovered how wonderful these furballs can be! I've always liked them, but now I realize how truly wonderful they are! Have you always been a cat person or like me, just recently discovered how wonderful they are?
I'm pretty close to this... I as also a dog person all my life until about 2 1/2 years ago when I got my first of 7!!!
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