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Scam Alert - "you've won a holiday"

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Hi guys - been super busy at work so haven't had much time to logon this week but I did want to warn you about a scam that's going around.

I had a message on my home answerphone today saying I'd won a cruise and all I had to do was call 001 407 830 0147 to claim it....

I didn't call, but instead looked the number up on the net and YUP, turns out it's a scam. Apparently the company asks for your credit card details... and the rest is history. This scam is all over Europe - don't know if it's hit anywhere else yet, but be aware! These con artists make me really mad - hopefully no people actually fall for it.

P.S. Got the photos back from our big trip - just need to find a few minutes to upload them so I can share a few!

Have a nice weekend everybody.
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Thanks for the heads up..

They run scams like that all the time everywhere, it's pretty sad that now a days you can't trust anyone.
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There are some that come on with a holiday competition announcement that then either redirect the caller to a long distance number that the caller must pay for or ask the caller to press a particular button on the phone which, when pressed does the redirecting. They have been operating in the UK for a few months now.
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its not only holidays mind you..
since we opened our company in the UK, we get emails and letters asking us if we want 8 million $$ and we are like go away scammers/spammers
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Thank you!
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Yeah, I am familiar with the Puerto Rican edition of that scam. They will call you saying that you've won a cruise or a Disney trip or such. They give you two numbers: One, if you live in the Dominican Republic, another one if you live in Puerto Rico. Once I call them, a very nice lady will tell me how I've won my cruise, and they even might say they are carrying out the sweepstakes for Marriot or some other reputable company. And then she will go for the catch: You need to be 21 years or older in order to claim the prize, and in order to prove you are 21 or older we need your credit card number. Thats when I say "What you say? I can't hear you! I am out of signal" *hangs up*

What they say is that most of these scammers for Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic are based in South Florida.
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