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hairball or ???

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so, i have a new kitten that i have already nursed through one "crisis" when she was not eating (bacteria in her GI tract, antibiotics cleared it right up). now this week she has developed an odd little cough. it's a short, dry cough, and she usually will just cough once or twice and look like something is going to come up, but nothing ever does. (if anyone has ever seen the movie "zoolander" it sounds EXACTLY like the way derrick zoolander coughs after he worked in the coal mine..."mer-man dad, mer-MAN!" random i know, but it sounds just like it!) we have another kitten and she is not showing any symptoms. it was weeks ago that i took her to the vet, so i don't think it was something she picked up there. indoors only. i know i have to take her to the vet anyway in about a week and a half and i would really prefer to not have to take her twice and pay a lot for them to tell me that it's nothing.

since nothing is coming up i am not sure if it is a hairball. and she has short hair, while the kitty with long hair isn't coughing at all. is it ok for me to wait a little while, see if it runs its course, and just have the vet check it out when she gets her booster shots? should i try giving her an OTC kitty cough supressant? or hairball medication? or both? how would i check if she has a fever, which i think would be indication of something more serious?
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Go back to the vet asap please
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Originally Posted by bailey's momma
should i try giving her an OTC kitty cough supressant?
No, please don't! This could be fatal to your kitten!

That said, I would strongly recommend you take your little one to the Vet now, not wait until she gets her boosters. She's so young and fragile, just getting past her previous illness, which, thanks to your special care, she pulled through wonderfully! Speak to your Vet prior to going in, often they will reduce the cost for a return office visit. Feel better soon, little one!
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There is no such thing as an OTC cough suppressant for cats, and as cautioned above, don't give human. I'm guessing it's most likely a hairball, but still if this is something new, it's always a good idea to check with a vet. For preventing hairballs, weekly doses of hairball gel have been effective for me (er - for my cats, that is). Petromalt, Laxatone, are a couple brand names.
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