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What's for dinner? 9-9-05

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I'm starving!!! Had an apple for breakfast and about to have left over stew for lunch but I can't help thinking about dinner!!!!

I'm cooking home made spaghetti with meat balls and sasauge for dinner.

What are you having?
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Geez!!, that is my fav meal of all time!!, spaghetti!

Not too sure what we are having tonight but it's a beautiful day so probably something on the BBQ
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Driving to my parents tonite and once I get there we are going out for the infamous Wisconsin Friday fish fry!! (only 8 hrs till supper!!)
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Also going to the parent's house tonight! They're having lobster!! YUM!!
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Oh my gosh, I have no idea...whatever sounds good at the time, I guess!
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this past week i am unable to look at tomato sauce of any kind, it makes my stomac turn

for me its just potatoes with a can of peas and carrots
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Tonight is linguine in olive oil with lots of garlic and veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, & mushrooms) topped with parm cheese and a caesar salad. I love those salads in the bag!
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Why, Fran? Not preg are you??????

We are likely going out or ordering (likely chinese) as its BF's bday...
(We went to Pearl Jam last night so no out and about the town for us tonight).
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
Why, Fran? Not preg are you??????
I was thinking the same thing! I'm 5 weeks from my due date but I remember that the first 4 months I couldn't look at, think about or smell anything tomato or it made me want to puke!! (Bananna's too!!)
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Yesterday I made a killer bbq sauce and marinated some chicken in it, then threw it on the grill.
As a side I made Green beans with garlic and oregano sauteed in butter, topped with grated parmasan and romano chesse.

Tonight we will have those leftovers.
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Tell me about it, Catherine!
I couldn't deal with eggs during that time.

But there was one day when I consumed a whole jar of olives in one sitting.
(a big jar)

A belated congrats to you
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I definetely hope im not pregnant!
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Since it looks like Bradley will have tonight off (he's been working nights this week helping with some renovating, so I didn't get to take him out last night to celebrate the captain's license thing), I'm going to take him out to celebrate tonight. Not sure where we'll go, but it'll probably be Italian or seafood .
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Italian and 2 favs!!!!!!
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I have NO idea, but we are unexpectedly having a three-year-old and six-year-old tonight, so it will have to be something I can scrounge unless I can get to the store before they come.
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i went to the Döner store and got a salad with chips
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Goodness knows. I haven't even had breakfast! I'm going to a party tonight so I'll probably have something like toast before I leave.
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I'm really craving Pizza Hut for some reason. So it just might be that. Cheesy breadsticks, yum
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Well, given the fact that I am pregnant....just about everything I usually like, makes me wanna be sick!! Spaghetti seems to be what the baby likes...and the chinese I had for lunch is doing I am thinking, I might make boneless, skinless chicken breasts, I take the chicken and sprinkle fresh garlic on it, and some gril mates chicken seasoning, and italian dressing, and let it marinade for about 30 minutes, then put it on the contact grill...probably make some steamed vegetables, and a salad on the side, and breadsticks. Unless I smell something I dont like!
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Let's see: I ordered a large cheese pizza & some cheesy bread for my neice Ashley (she's 14) and my lil girl.

And, my boyfriend is on his way over! We are having some sushi, with brie & crackers, some sliced apples & big ol fat purple grapes. And a couple glasses of wine to wash it all down.

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Today was the last day of work for our summer student, so we went out to lunch. Dinner is leftover paneer-cheese, spinach and chick peas in a curry sauce over rice
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Yummy! Indian food! I had leftover lamb curry that I slow cooked the other night (LOVE my slow cooker)! I ate about half a loaf of freshly baked foccacia with it Can never resist fresh bread! Now I need to lie down and digest for a few days.....
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I had a turkey sandwhich........mmmmmmmmmmm....turkey on this health nut bread....sooooo goood...and this awsome horseradish mustard.
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Mike and I had a Jersey tomato pie. I would really love to move down south but I don't know if I could survive without Jersey pizza. lol
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we had oriental rice hamburger helper
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Well, it was supposed to be veal, but the veal I was going to use had a bunch of freezer burn on it. So I found a couple of steaks in the freezer, and panfried them with mushroom slices, and thick slices of tomato, and nugget potatoes with butter and garlic chives. It was quite acceptable,
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