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Where Should She Sleep?

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I have a quick question. I'm taking in a 5 week old kitten (yea!), and I was wondering where she should sleep? She very tiny, and my bed is very high, so I don't want her to fall off in the night. Also, I don't think she'd make it onto the bed. Is it okay to leave her in some sort of box, with an open top, during the night? I just don't want her to get into anything or hurt herself while I'm sleeping, at least for the first little while.
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Can you shut the bedroom door so that she can't get into too much trouble? I know my two slept in a shoe box when they were babies and they seemed to be fine with that!
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My first thought: where ever she'd like! My girls have always slept in bed with me with the exception of when Serenity first came to us and had to be separated from Sierra due to her URI. Sierra was a few days old upon finding me and Serenity was about 3 weeks old, but both were so young due to being abandoned, not out of choice. They never fell off the bed. If you're concerned, though, you could make her a little snuggly bed in bed with you. Being this tiny, she will likely cry without you there to comfort her.
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I totally agree with Stephanie. If she weren't in bed with me, I'd worry about her all night and not get any sleep, anyway. There is really nothing like sleeping with a cat, anyway. Make her a little bed and place it on the bed with you, but don't be surprised if she snuggles up somewhere else!
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She should be fine sleeping with you. My Gracie was only six weeks old, just a tiny little thing, when I brought her home. I kept her in a kennel next to the bed the first few nights, but let her into bed with me after that. She promptly claimed a spot on the pillow right next to my head to sleep and had slept there every since.
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They very quickly decide where they want to sleep and she will claim her spot. I would no worry about her falling off - she won't and if she did it would not hurt her. I agree that she will probably prefer to be near you.
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I think ya'll are right. I'll just let her sleep in my bed. Serena is going to sleep upstairs for the first little while, so she's not attacking the little one, so I'll have some extra space that'll need to be filled! I think that it's me that needs the cuddles at night, not just the kitten... I find it hard to sleep when Serena's not beside my head, foot on my mouth! Hopefully they'll get along really well, so I can fight over bed space with both of them! Thanks very much everyone for all of your input and advice. I've never worried so much about getting a new cat before... Anyway, thanks!
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I certainly understand how wonderful yet rather stressful it can be when a new baby joins your family! It's been quite an experience, one loving day at a time! If you care to swap experiences, please feel free to send a little note. Would enjoying chatting with you!
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