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Puking kitty

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Hey guys! I'm in my industrial relationships lecture right now, so htis will be short.

One of my two has been throwing up every night for three days. They did it Monday night as well. I don't nkow which it is, because I always find iti nthe morning. It's always the same amount, and it's clearly chewed/half-digested dry food. Both cats are acting normal. I have absolutely no idea what could be wrong. Any suggestions?
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That much vomiting the cats deserve to see the vet. You could be overfeeding, or feeding the wrong kind of food- to much filler and not much else. You can try elevating their food plates a bit, that might help. They could have hairballs- it could really be anything-
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Sounds like someone is shoveling it in and the stomach can't hold it anymore.

How about taking the food away at night - maybe that way you can determine who it is...
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Ditto, Hissy. Please get your kitty to the Vet!
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Well, the food their on is quite high quality food, prescribed by the vet. As well, they're only getting a cup of food a day each -- following manufacturer's directions. I was wondering whether it would be food allergies. Either way, I need to somehow figure out which one of them it is.
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Figure out which one it is and get to the vet. That is way too much vomiting to attempt guesswork. Good luck!
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Vet please... did you recently change foods?? if so what to what??
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They changed food about a month ago. I'm wondering if it's Josephine gorging then throwing it up later -- consistant with the eat-as-much-as-I-can-when-it's-available feral attitude. She might still be adjusting. I'm going to stay up tonight and figure out which one of them it is.
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my kitty Pansy would throw everything in her stomach up after gorging herself on the pouched wet food i was giving her, chunks of half chewed food. yucky. otherwise not showing any ill effects or symptoms, i cut her food intake in half (half in the morning, half at night instead of the whole pouch at once) and the throwing up stopped completely.

that being said, you should probably still get the kitties checked out by a vet.
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