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Changing career path + job callback

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I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in education. I almost do not think teaching may be the right job for me. I feel so weird not being sure about what path I will take. I have been job searching, and I happened to email my resume' and a cover letter to McDonald's for a restaurant management position yesturday. Well, the guy emailed me his number and he wants me to call him today! I am so nervous as to what to say! I know I shouldn't think it, but what if he asks me just to be a regular employee. HAHA. I would just tell him I'm not interested. Why is he calling? I'm kind of nervous. What kind of things should I say? EEEEKKK!!!!

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First off - congratulations!

When you call try to 'sell' yourself - drop in as many good points about yourself as you possibly can and use anything he says as a way to further tell him how great you are! Try not to be nervous, and good luck!
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Congratulations and good luck! Just be yourself and you'll do fine. Let us know how everything goes.
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Thanks guys. I called him, and got his voicemail. I left a message for him to call me back.

I was apprehensive about working at McDonalds, but management gets a nice salary with benefits, si it will be okay I think.
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Congrats on graduating! That is very smart of you to not enter teaching if you are not 100% sure about it. It's a tough career and definitely a calling. I'm sure you will find something that brings fulfillment to your life
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I am going through the interview process myself, although in a different industry/field. I will say, the pointers I received from friends of mine that hire, is to be very confident and sell yourself- you need to make it clear why you are their person. You also should be honest about what you're looking for.

I'd also say w/ a Bachelor's degree, I'm sure he knows you're over-qualified for an entry-level position.

Do you like children? There are several things you can do w/ a teaching degree- daycares, schools (obviously), etc.

Good luck!

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I left teaching over a year ago after deciding it wasn't for me. (I'm now working in medical records in a doctor's office.) I don't think he'll ask you to work as a regular employee if you applied for a manger's position, and if he does, you can simply say, "No thanks, I'm looking for more of a managerial role." I'm sure he realizes that someone with a college degree would be more interested in a higher position. Good luck!
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