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Does catnip go stale? I'll buy the pack of dried catnip at the pet store, but after a while, Josie won't respond to it. I only get it out once in a while, so she's not overexposed to it. She'll go nuts when I bring new catnip home though. Just wondering what other people have experienced. Thanks.
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I haven't experienced anything like that and I get the dried catnip as well. I had a little packet for 6 months now..but i only give it to my cat once a month...and she still goes crazy for it.
Maybe it does go stale after a while...
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It does go stale, as it loses it odor over time. You might try keeping it in an airtight container or possibly the freezer to keep it fresh longer.
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I keep mine in the freezer, my cats will tear into any container of it if I didn't.
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