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Dora's babies pic

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I am not sure if this will work but here is the link to the pictures of the babies. Let me know if there are any problems.
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Congrats on your babies, thats so interesting how they were that spaced out. i am trying to look at your photos but it is asking me to login as you i think... pain 4something.
I have a week to go with my Sutra's litter - very exciting!
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I think I have to do each picture seperate, Maybe that will work. Good luck with the kittens. I know the waiting is hard. I was surprised how much of a break she took. 8 hours is pretty long I think but I talked to the vet and they said it was ok.
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yeah they are working now
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my goodness, i forgot how gorgeous they are!
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Awww bless they are gorgeous make mine look very scrawny lol
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What sweet little babies! Good work, Mama Dora!!!
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I want the one with the grey body and the black
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Awww look at those gorgeous little babies. The shot of Dora with all her babies is just adorable - what a wonderful mommy she is . Congratulations
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Did you breed for these kittens?
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They were worth the wait!
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Oh, they are adorable! I LOVE gray kitties. What color was the Dad?
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How precious! Just look at this gorgeous family!Congratulations!

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um...can everyone see that ok? Beautiful! Lifesize...and beautiful!
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awww so cute
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No it wasn't a planned pregnancy. The father is a brown tabby. I expected to have some brown kittens but they all seem to look a little like their mother. I love the one with the black head and gray body. They are just all so sweet. Dora is doing well with them today. Thank you everyone for all your help and all the congratulations. I think I would have lost my mind if it wasn't for all of you on this site. Thank you so much!!!
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awwwwwww such cute kitties . congratulations!!
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I have a question for you all. Dora seems to still be breathing kind of fast. I did a search on it and some say it is normal but others say call the vet. Could it just be she is hot? It is kind of hot in my house and I am sure with all those kittens on her it is hotter. I am just worried since everything else seemed to go so good... She is not panting just breathing fast. Otherwise Dora is good. She has been out to use the litter and to eat. I haven't seen her drink but her water dish was low today so I assume she drank some. Thanks for the help.
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smokey was doing that. If she is still doing it take her to the vet asap my poor smokey had a possible infection and her body hadnt coped well with it all. she is almost back to normal after 2 days antibiotics. If you think its not normal or worrying you take her straight to the vet so they can put your mind at rest. Hope all is ok.
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how is she? hope all is ok.
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She is fine today. I think it was just her being hot and tired. She is doing great with her babies. I can tell they are growing already. I will let you all know how they are doing.
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Just thought I would let you all know Dora and babies are doing wonderful. The kittens are eating good and growing already. It is so funny, I have to kitten-sit when Dora wants to eat or leave the box for whatever reason. She will get out and meow at me until I come and sit by the kittens. Tehn she will do whatever she needed to do. If I get up and leave she will instantly get in the box again. It is so cute. Well I will let you all know how they are doing.
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They are beautiful! I love gray kittens... I hope you spay her soon!!!
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