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Do you or family members live away from home?

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I'm kind of bummed this morning........my neice just moved from Ohio to Florida. She graduated and got her teaching degree. Well, now my sister and brother in law are interviewing for a job for him in Pensacola, which obviously means they'll more than likely be moving away too. With my dad dying in 2003, and now Michelle is gone, soon Carol and Bob and I'm sure my mom will be spending at least the winter months down there, I feel very sad, like I"m losing my family, one by one. I hate this feeling.........
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Awwww Sorry to hear you are feeling sad about this... but it happens.

I live close to my parents and sister, yet my grandmother, aunt, uncle, two cousins (all from mums side) live in Athens... I do miss them all but it's only a 4 and a 1/2 hour flight away so we all try and catch up at least once or twice a year
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My sister is way on the opposite side of the Pacific in Canada
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Poor you. I can imagine this must be hard for you.

My family consists of the huge number of 2, just my Dad and I. He lives about 15 minutes down the road, and that's as far as we both like it. I wouldn't move any further away from him, and he wouldn't move any further away from me. In an ideal world we'd live next door to each other! I like knowing I can pop in and see him anytime, and he's close enough that if I have any problems he can be there in under half an hour.
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We all live within a 20 minute drive of each other. Before I moved at the end of December, I lived less than 2 miles away from my oldest brother. Now it is more like a 20 minute drive, but he and his family are taking it like I moved to the other side of the workd!
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Aw Susie, that must be hard on you .
My mom lives here in Savannah, but out on one of the islands, about half an hour away (so she's close but not TOO close ). Bradley's parents and brother and sister-in-law live about 5 minutes away from us, though.
All my aunts and uncles live in the Clearwater, FL area. Big bro's in Orlando and little bro is in college in northwest GA. So no one's more than a half-day's drive away
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I know the feeling.. I am the ONLY ONE in the family who lives out EAST. Everyone else lives in Utah. Sis's family lives 2 houses away from my parents.. My brother's family lives about 15 min away so they live REAL CLOSE to each other. (That's a bit TOO close for me). All the aunts/uncles/cousins lives within 5 hours of each other...

EVeryone calls me the "black sheep of the family" since I am the only one living out East.

It can be real tough sometimes- especially when I need help. Luckily, I have some great friends and some church friends who can support me when I need help. Another thing that makes it tougher for me is the fact that my dad has a very RARE disease that is fatal so I am scared of missing too much time with him. Luckily, he seems to be doing good so far (crossing fingers) but if he does go downhill, I don't know what I will do. I did talk about moving back to Utah when we first found out he has this disease and my mom asked me a good question... She asked me if I'd still be happy in Utah AFTER Dad passes away.. She said she doesn't want me to move to Utah ONLY for Dad then be unhappy after he dies so that's one reason why I didn't move at that time.

Who knows what the future will bring... I MIGHT move back someday. Someday some of YOUR family might move back NEAR you..
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My family's been like that my entire life, so I know how tough that can feel!

When my mom and dad had my brother they moved from Western NY down to Ormond Beach, FL. The only person that followed them was my dad's mother. Everyone on my mom's side was still in NY, and that's the way it was pretty much the entire time I was growing up. The rest of the family on my dad's side was also always very far away, and they still are. My Aunts, Uncles, and cousins on that side are either in Rochester, NY or various places in NC. When I was in high school my aunt from my mom's side moved down here and both of her daughters followed. A couple of years later my mom's mother followed, so now there is more family here than I have ever had. My aunt lives in St. Cloud, which is about 1.5-2 hours away from my parents, and I live in Orlando which is about an hour away from my parents.

I'm sorry you're feeling sad about it. It can definitely be hard when you're a tight family to have people breaking away. Perhaps this just gives you more excuses to travel??
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Awww, Sis, how painful for you. You know you have family over here in Emerald Isle!
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My sister whom I was very close to lives in Florida. It was 4 years since I seen her the last time I visited. I really get some lonely feelings sometimes but we talk often on the phone and that helps. It is hard to not get a hug now and then though......
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My parents and younger brother live 20 minutes away, one uncle lives 3 hours south, the rest of my nearer family lives up in NoCal. More distant family lives on the east coast.

I actually like it because a lot of the family in NoCal is more conservative, and by living here I'm not forced to go to their ridiculously competitive (don't ask about easter) and formal holidays.

But I am sorry, it was a bummer when my older brother moved away.
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My brother recently moved out and he and his girlfriend moved away to Lethbridge (a couple of hours away). They visit every now and then, but it just isn't the same.
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THanks everyone for the support..........I just will miss her so much, and as much as I love to travel, it's expensive........
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Hi, I can totaly relate to how you must be feeling.. I have been living in Italy for 5 years although I am American... my Dad passed away 5 years ago, and my Mom lives in California, I also have a big sister who lives there in California... I go back to visit once every 3 years because it is a big trip.. sometimes I feel very lonely without a family close by.. it can get very heavy at times. I also miss the U.S too even though Italy is very nice.
Mnay times at Christmas or easter I was alone, without my family and it was really sad.
I'm getting use to it..... When I was little I was always alone because my parents worked and my sister was in college. If you want, do send me a message when you are feeling sad... Wally meow
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
THanks everyone for the support..........I just will miss her so much, and as much as I love to travel, it's expensive........
I KNOW what u mean about travelling being expensive!

I normally will fly home twice a year- once in summer and once for Christmas. A couple years ago, I couldn't afford to fly home during the summertime so I only visited home once that year and let me tell you... My family were FURIOUS. They STILL bring that up now- they'd say things like "You will come home for Christmas too RIGHT and not skip a family visit like you did before??" and giving me guilt trips about it even after I explained about my financial situation at that time. Another time, I visited home for a SHORT time (3 days I think due to a mistake on my part-thought it'd be five days but forgot to include time for travelling so I lost 2 days for travelling and only got to be with family for 3 days) and they really gave me a hard time about that still to this day too.

I was hoping to buy an airline ticket NOW for Christmas to save money and it looks like the airfare is going up again! At this time, I am not sure if I can afford to fly home for Christmas but am not sure how to address that with my family because I KNOW they will freak out and act like I am "abandoning" them and start giving me guilt trips again...
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It's very hard to be away from family...I moved a 2 day car drive away from all of my family..and it is very hard to be without them. What I find that helps is the microphone and webcam that we have so that we can see eachother all the time.
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Joe's family is all in NY. We want to live closer, but are staying here until my two boys are older (I share custody with their dad). It's hard being so far away, especially for Braeden, who misses Grandma & Poppy.

My parents both live about 30 minutes away, and we rarely get together! My brother is in West Virginia, I haven't seen him for over 10 years. It's crazy. Never would have expected it while we were growing up!
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I can't even imagine what it must be like for all of you with family living far away. My whole family lives within 10 minutes of each other with the exception of my uncle who recently moved about 3 hours away. My mom, other uncle, and grandma all live in the same neighborhood. One of my cousins lives in the neighborhood behind them. My other cousin and I both live in different apartments about 5 to 10 minutes away. I'm on the other end of the spectrum from you guys. I wish I could just up and move away sometimes and not be near anyone I know, lol.

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My parents are both gone and we have 5 kids in the family that live in 5 different states. I just visited my sister a few weekends ago that I haven't seen for 3-1/2 years. I haven't seen my brother in 5 years. I'm trying to go visit the other 3 siblings next month (they are generally out west). It's hard to be separated, but somehow you make a family where ever you live. Hang in there!
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My grandparents, uncle aunt and their twin boys all live in Australia. We haven't even met the twin boys!
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my sister has lived in Afghanistan for almost 3 years thankfully she is coming home shortly
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I've spent over half my life on a different continent, so I know how tough it can be to be so far away from your family. I (or we) originally visited my family every other year, and my brother or parents would visit us the years I didn't come. Then my older brother died, and my father had a major stroke a year after moving to the Midwest, where my sister was living, so the whole situation changed. I try to get back for a visit every year, though I dread the 24-hour trip (no direct flights), and I know it really means a lot to my mother, who is now a widow. This year, I unfortunately didn't get to see my eldest niece, who's in grad school in Virginia. Email, faxes and cheap international calls are a godsend.
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When I lived at home, all my family was in the same town, or within 15 miles away. I moved away for work and now they are all 2 1/2 hrs away. Its not a bad distance, I love where I live, plus, its a nice driving distance to get away from where I live now and a fun little drive to see family. I would give anything to live closer to them, my family means the world to me! I talk to my mom about 10 times a day, it still feels weird being 'grown up' and not living with mommy and daddy anymore, and out on my own in the 'real world', yikes!
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...oh Susie.....

My little family live in the same City! ......(Mom Dad & my 3 brothers with his own familys!)..
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All of my mother side of the family live in scotland, all of my dads live in Sicily
i hadnt seen my mothers family for over 12 years. and now i have no contact to them since my grandmother died.

On my dads side though i go every year well, not when i lived in australia though that was a bit too expensive
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I am so much happier when there is at least 1 state between my sister and me! I wish my daughter and granddaughter didn't live 6 hours away, though.
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We're 8 hours away from our nearest relatives!
We've been up here in "yankee country" for 10 years now. It took about 5 to get used to being so far away. It's a drag at holidays because the drive is sssoooooooooo lllllooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in close proximity.
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I'm not close at all to my family so it's actually quite a relief to be living 15,000 kms away from them! I do miss my twin sister in Wellington though. It's been nearly 5 years since I went back to NZ. It's so expensive!!! She's had 2 boys since I last visited and I can't wait to meet them!
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I live away from all of my family
I'm close to my family, so yeah, it depresses me.
Parents, brother, sister in law and neice/nephew in WA, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, my father and their families in Nebraska, remaining brother in Minnesota, cousins are in California and South Dakota.
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Our family has always been kind of nomadic..and not very close.
All of my older sisters left for other states after getting out of school. Now Mom lives in CA, one sister is back up in PA, I am back in FL after hating CA & moving back, leaving Mom there. That was tough, because she is getting older & not so healthy lately. My oldest sister lives in a nearby town, but we rarely see each other. My other sister lived in upstate New York for years, & when she passed away, I felt like I hardly knew her..we hadn't seen each other for years & didn't talk much on the phone. It's very sad to be a part of someone & realize one day that you hardly knew them. But if she were alive & I saw her today after so many years, it wouldn't take long for us to be silly & laugh.
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