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pouncing on old cat problem

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Hi i came on here a few months ago when i first got my old cat freda and introduced them both. From the start lily really hated freda but i thought as time went by things would get better,i couldnt have been more wrong. All freda wants to do i sleep all day but lily keeps pouncing on her and im worried that one day it will really give her a shock and at her age she cant be having big shocks. The thing is she'll go for freda but when she does freda usually attacks her back and then lily runs away, so then i wonder why she bothers because she knows freda will attack her back.

Lily will hide behind doors and wait for freda to come out then attack her. Do you think i should just let them sort it out or should i do something. Iv tried feliway but i didnt work. Any advice would be good.
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It looks like Lily wants to play and Freda is never in the mood.
Anyway, I think it is safe to let them sort it out on their own. And how about more toys for Lily to keep her mind off Freda?
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I'm no expert, but a book I have says that you should just let them be unless the other kitty is being hurt. I guess if we react to it and yell at the other cat it just makes it worse. I know it's hard to do. I had a dominate cat who chased a new cat of mine and still does, but eventually she got tired of it . She doesn't run away too often now. It sounds like your kitty is just trying to play.
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It's just a cat game they play. The only time it is worrisome is when the older cat starts acting off- pooping out of the litterpan, not eating, just lying around or hiding from you. Any type of behavior that is not a normal pattern should be watched for. If you see anything unusual then take the resident cat to the vet.
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Thanx alot for your replys:o)
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It is a game.. around my house it is called get the old lady moving... I have a 17 yr old and an 18 month old
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