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Originally Posted by evnshawn
And buy Wal-Mart stock.
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I'd probably tell myself to take things a little less seriously. I've always had a tendency to be kinda uptight, and it seemed especially bad early in high school as compared to now.

I'm sure when I'm 30, I'll want to come back and tell my 20 year old self the same thing.

Also, I'd kick my younger version's butt into practicing harder THEN as opposed to making up for lost time NOW. I could have gone to a conservatory if I had worked harder then!

But, everything happens for a reason, I guess. Otherwise, why would it happen??
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The one thing I'd tell myself? When you meet a certain so and so.....wait awhile....don't get married yet......
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Originally Posted by Kittythecat
Wow, what a great question. I would have to say that I would tell myself that under no circumstances would I marry a man who had been married before with kids. It's one of the hardest things that I have done and I find myself asking "what have I gotten myself into?" a lot. I love my husand dearly and our daughter that we had together but it's so hard dealing with an ex and step kids. At least half of our arguments are about his ex or how to deal with the step kids or child support or something. I stress out everytime that it is our weekend to have the boys and when we drop them off I find myself giving out a big sigh of relief. They are very well behaved kids and it's hard living with two different families but it's hard trying to raise kids by someone else's rules. The sad part is that I know that it doesn't get any easier.
Oh been there done that and know how hard it is - hugs to you!!! But.....it does get better . Step-children, just like biological children have a habit of growing up. Exs get a life of their own where it seems they have something else to do instead of indulging in the sport of winding up your partner as much as possible (I realise this looks the same from both sides of the fence ).

Despite some hard times with my step-son (a lot of which was probably because he was going through those terrible teen years anyway!) we get on really really well now. Even though when he was much younger I could never see that it would be this way. Things will get better
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As for what I would tell myself - not a lot really. The good and bad things added up to make me who and what I am now and I'm extremely happy with the life I've got.

I grew as a person with the people who matter most to me and that is just the way I want it to be
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