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Wierd behavior...

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One of my friends has a 9 month old male cat named Felix. He is an American Bobtail so he is a very big,stalky and very strong cat.I took my cat Twinkles over to his house to play for a while.When Twinkles went near Felix he started to make this wierd noise.Then he twisted his head up so his nose was facing his right side.He started growling and tried to attack her.My friend and I would really like to know what this behavior means...Is it a territorial thing?
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Yes it is. I would not have them visit again! One of them might get hurt - or you!
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Didn't you have a similar problem with Pepper not too long ago? I think everyone advised you NOT to take your cats to visit another persons house where they have cats of their own. You don't seem very willing to take the advice you ask for. Why put your kitties through that?
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Okay, my first response is going to be that cats are not like dogs or kids, they do not like meeting new cats. It is very stressful for them. Second is that cats are very good at giving each other well viruses. You are going to end up getting your cat or another cat sick.
With that said, what the cat did is re directed aggression. Your friends cat took the aggression and anger out on his owner. It happens quite often.
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I never had a problem with Pepper and Felix not getting along. Pepper is very well aquainted with both of my friends cats, and he enjoys going over to play.
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I would agree with what the others have said. If it were me, I wouldn't be taking your cats over to your friends' houses ... Why risk it? I'm sure that you don't want them to catch an illness, do you? In the long run, it will be better for you & your kitties!
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But I have to agree with Sandie. Cats have wayyyyyy too many possible viruses to pass to make this a good idea. Even if it's never happened before. Even the stress of the visit (by the way, even if you like something, it can still be stressful) can make this more likely. Viruses can be expensive to treat, and if you just wait for it to get better, even a runny nose a sneeze can kill your cat in a surprizingly short amount of time.
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