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A funny sleeping position! LOL

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Here is my new baby Tai....I seen her little head sticking out of our Cat Tree Condo, she was sleeping. Then I seen how her body was positioned inside of the condo!!!

That's my girl!!
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That is the funniest thing I have ever seen!
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oh my!! How comfortable can that be??
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I'm going to fall over laughing from that pic!!

What a silly kitty!!
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wow! That is very unusual. Wonder how long she lasted in that position.
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lol that is so funny!!! It's like she's in those old things they put your head and hands in and make you stand there till you starve!!! Still so funny!!!
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That's hilarious!
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What an awesome photo! I've never seen anything like that. Funny kitty!
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Isn't it amazing the positions cats can sleep in!
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I just about spit Diet Coke all over my keyboard looking at that pic! That is HILARIOUS! I can already tell you will have many laughter-filled years ahead with that one .
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Have you had her tested for Narcolepsy?
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What the heck? That's so weird, lol! Molly sleeps with her head poking out the port hole in the cat tree, but geesh, she lays down! that is the silliest cat I've ever seen!
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You have a pretty silly, but sweet, little girl there!
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How funny!
Did she sleep that way very long? I can't believe she can sleep like that!
She is just adorable by the way!
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That is priceless!!
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here you go - you - for the funniest pic i've seen in quite a while. i was looking at the site while my students were working - i burst out laughing at the 2nd pic, & everyone wanted to know why! that's hysterical!
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Iv'e just about cracked up here!. Thats so funny!!
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I just about spit out my popcorn.
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I think I can just about figure out her personality from that pic.............. FUNNY as heck!!!!!
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LOL! My husband seen it first and whispered to me to get the camera. About a minute after I took the picture Monte jumped up on the cat tree and woke her up. That was a one in a million!

She was such an amazing personality, Monte and Caesar just love her! I pick up Kai next Saturday! We are so excited! It is amazing the happiness and life our cats bring into our lives!
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She looks almost as if she is willing herself to stay asleep in that position! It is really too funny for words.
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How on earth could she sleep like that?? She's so cute!
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I love it! I had to get my husband to see the pic or he'd never believe me! Tooo funny!
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How cute. Personally I don't think I could sleep like that. Hope you can get more pics like brings smiles and cases of the giggles.
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