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Favorite Toys!

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Whats some of your cats favorite toys!?

Prada loves "mousies" they are the bright colored lil'mice that come in a pack of like 6-8! They are soo soft too! She loved this bright yellow one when she was little....the poor lil'toy ended up at work with us, in her water, under the stove...then it happened....her fav mousie ended up at the bottom of the washer....no stuffing, just the shell...and do you know she STILL PLAYED WITH IT! I dont know what ever happened to that lil'thing.

Tobie likes this pink and blue crinkle ball....it makes soo much noise on our hardwood floors at night...his poor toy has to go "night night" so mommie and daddie can get some sleep!
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My cats LOVE glitter balls. Not the large ones... The 1" they carry them every where!!!
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This is Reilly's fav toy

It's supposed to be a hippo!!
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My kittens love anything with feathers. We had the feathers with the attachement soft balls and they act like they are prey that they are killing. They also love the mice with feather tails. Well pretty much anything that they can roll around with and pretend its prey. Oh and laser points too!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
This is Reilly's fav toy

It's supposed to be a hippo!!
He is a beautiful cat!!! How old is he?
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Originally Posted by emb_78
He is a beautiful cat!!! How old is he?

Reilly turned 4 this year
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Bella loves her fur mousies, too. She has like a zillion of them, because the first six kept getting lost. I still have no idea where they are hidden (and my apartment is only 600-700 sq. ft., so it's not like there is anywhere to hide them), but I bought her enough that I can always find one in under a minute, for when she needs to be distracted.

Rowan... he's not so big on toys. I have one of those round plastic things that has a track and ball (that can't be taken out) around the edge, and a cardboard scratching pad in the middle. He'll play with that sometimes, and I have a felt mousie that's attached to an elastic string, and he'll sometimes play with that, too. And in the last couple days, Bella has been teaching him about mousies, so he's *finally* starting to show interest in them.

Neither of them likes safe, homemade toys, like milk lids and empty spools of thread, though. Bella is big into plastic bags, and Rowan likes the occasional electrical cord, although I think that's because he's teething (Bella chewed on one cord the day before her front teeth erupted, too).
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Oh hair lackies!! ANYTHING elastic and in a circle that goes in your hair is the highlight of Sashka's life. I have never seen an animal go so completely nutty over something! Princess gets into them, too, but not as much as Sashka!

They all love the laser-light pen, including Ruby, and anything with feathers or on a string that they can chase around is very popular
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The feathers! My fluffies go crazy!
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Cupid likes anything on wands. I just got him 5 new wands for his birthday and he goes nuts for them! I keep them in a drawer in his room and he knows it, so as soon as I open the drawer he starts meowing and making weird noises.
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Cat toys rate second to cardboard boxes, newspaper and ballpens.
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My cat's favorite toy is the "String attached to the stick" kinda thing. I really don't know what it is called... but it's somethin' like that.
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A piece of fake fur attached to a pole is their favorite toy.
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