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I have 3 cats and recently the house is beggining to feel over-run with them. I feel the need to find new homes for one or two of them. I am extremely attached to Casper he's the first cat i ever had, But i'm afraid if i get rid of both of the other cats that Casper will get really lonely. What should i do? should i keep one of the other cats? Is there any way to ease the loneliness if i do get rid of them both?
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I moved your post to the proper forum so you'll get more answers!

good luck
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Is there no way at all that you can keep them? I would think it might be a bit tramatic for them to be taken from their home. Maybe someone will have some good ideas for you, I can't seem to think of anything. Maybe you could put them in another room for awhile in the evenings, so you would have a little more space for awhile.
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Sorry, no advice here. I have 12 in one house and it's fine. I would think it would be hard to make any of them adjust to a new home. How old are all of them?
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I think you need to really think about this and how traumatic this will be for all your cats. Maybe you could give yourself some free time during the day. I'm sure when you really think about it the positives will out weigh what may seem like the negatives. Please rethink.
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Please let us know what you decide. I hope you decide to keep them.
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Hi - please remember by taking them in you made a livetime comittment to them - PPPPPPPlease try to remember why you took them in in the first place. Anything we can do to hnage your mind?!
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Why do you feel the need all of the sudden - did something happen? How long have you had them? Whasssup?
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