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Kitty lying on her back

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Why does my 8 month old tabby lie on her back with all her paws spread out and totally relaxed? I didn't think cats liked to be on their backs but she's done this several times lately. It's usually after we've been playing. Is she showing a sign of affection towards me that I don't know what it means? It's not a problem, I'm just curious and would like to know why she does this. Thank you
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She is totally relaxed and feels safe when she does this. You are a lucky kitty mom!
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One of my cats does this also. She will lay there all stretched out, looking at you like " please rub my tummy". I think its cute, and she seems to enjoy the attention. My other female on the other hand, won't let anyone near her tummy, she'll bite and scratch till she draws blood!!
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he's a ham.....:tounge2:
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Both my cats lay on their backs all the time. Miko even lays on her back on me, under my chin all steched out,while i sleep and she purrs and purrs. I love waking up to cute, furry little creatures. SAmmy will just lay in the middle of the floor on his back like"come on ya know you want to pat my belly" and he purrs and purrs. SO CUTE! From what I have heard, it means they completely trust you when they show a vonerable(sp?) spot like their tummies:tounge2:

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Both our babies do this too.

Snuggles has been doing this for months. He used to climb on top of me and fall across my chest so I could pet his belly. At least everyday he stretches across the floor (letting out little cries) to be tickled on his belly. He's such a mush!

Twinkles will also strech out on her back. She will let you pet her belly but will decide if you've crossed the line with too much petting. She's become a mush too!

I often find both babies sleeping on their back. It is soooo cute.
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I have one that does this too. You should feel flattered that your kitty trusts you so much!!
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Rascal will climb into my arms and roll over, exposing his belly. I would start rubbing and he would purr and purr. I will do this until he falls asleep, in my arms, with his legs spread apart. He would nuzzle my nose when I rub his belly and he ends up liking my mouth. Gotta love that baby!
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Bella does this all the time
When I get home from work she stops-drops-and rolls onto her back so that I can rub her belly.
Most of the time she lays on her side and stretches reeeal long and I rub her from chin to tummy. I have to be real careful not to step on her because she will just drop and roll over in front of my feet when I am walking around the house.
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My babies do it all the time... especially tsoomi, he hardly ever sits in another position... you can see him on the website
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My cat Shasha lies on her back whenever she wants to be rubbed. Its so cuted.I love it when she starts purring and all.
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Sophie does this when she's looking for a tummy rub; it's actually a really sensitive area for them, so when they do that it's a sign of total trust and affection and a major compliment!:kitty5:
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One of our cats does that too. She will walk into the living room and just plop down on her side (not lay down, she actually falls over like she got shot or something) then rolls over on her back. She also does this when she does something that gets her in trouble. Like if she is up on the counter, I'll tell her to get down, and she jumps down, plops over, and rolls onto her back as if to say, "Look how cute I am. How can you be mad at me?" She is a little freak.

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My little boy does this once we get the petting going. He goes completely spread eagle and then curls around my hand to keep it rubbing his tummy. (He's such a "lap slut" even though it isn't always on the lap that he wants loving!)

My little girl Ophelia would try to rip your hand off if you try to touch her tummy. I know she trusts us, but she is still very skittery and definitely has her boundaries.

I guess it is just different purrsonalities in the little purrballs.
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