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do you blog about work?

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For the bloggers out there: I just got a new job as an intern and I'm excited about it, so I announced it on my webpage and said that it's really interesting and everyone is so nice and hopefully I will start working there full-time soon. And I put a link to the company webpage, so my friends can check it out.

But I've heard recently about people getting fired for blogging about work. Mostly about bashing co-workers or spilling company secrets. So I think I'm safe. But I'm just wondering how other people handle the blogging about work situation. Best to just not do it? Or just not let it get negative?
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....So sorry....fogive my ignorance but..."what is a Blogger"????.
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haha. sorry. It's someone who keeps a "blog" or personal website where they post pictures, give updates on their life or just vent about random things on their mind. They've become very popular lately.
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Personally, I wouldn't blog about work. Situations can get out of hand and tempers can flare very quickly in an environment like that!
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The rule of thumb is, don't say ANYthing on the internet, in an e-mail, in a text-message, or any such media that you'd rather somebody not know about.
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I agree. I don't think I would discuss work on a blog... even if it's something as simple as "hey, I was hired".
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I blog in only a very, very general way when I talk about work. "I'm so stressed!" "It's been so busy!" Usually I restrict it to friends-only too.
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I don't blog but I would probably limit my work blogging to only positive things.
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
The rule of thumb is, don't say ANYthing on the internet, in an e-mail, in a text-message, or any such media that you'd rather somebody not know about.

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I blog about work occassionaly but i dont name names and its nothing hugely specific.
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I've read a lot of stories of people getting fired for not only talking about work and saying negative things, but also discussing their life outside work which their employers found unacceptable. Most of these people worked in the media (magazines) and one of them was a nanny. I think as long as you don't post anything negative about work and co-workers (especially bosses!), don't post details you're not permitted to talk about to people outside the company, and don't post details of your life if it contains situations or things about you that your bosses might not agree with, such as drugs/alcohol, sexual escapades, etc., then it should be okay. Of course, that limits what you CAN say quite a bit, especially since you'd want to blog about it if a co-worker or boss was being unfair or annoying you, so maybe you shouldn't talk about it at all, or just make sure you don't put where you work, OR details that would tip off co-workers that it's you or someone from their workplace.

Basically, you shouldn't post anything that you wouldn't directly say to anyone you work with. There's probably a slim chance that anyone from work would find it, but it's not worth the risk.

Congratulations on you internship!
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btw there are also blogs that make you able to make some entries private and not viewbale by the general public.
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i blog about work.. but i dun state like who i deal with or which department that is.. usually it's just XXX said this... or XXX did this...
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Rule of thumb: blog, email, public forums, anything of that sort = postcard.

It may not be addressed to Joe Blow, but if it passes through his hands, either accidentally or because he went looking for it, he can read it. Do you want him to?

I wouldn't in a million years blog about anything that I wouldn't put on a billboard by the highway.
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In the world of bloggers, there are many stories about people who were fired because they blogged about work. The thing is, you many not realize what your employer would find offensive. Look up "Dooced" on google, and you'll read about it.

I would suggest that you do not link directly to your workplace. Most blogs I read never ever mention the actual place they work, even if they talk about it, they keep it very anonymous.

And the best advice is, just don't do it. Even if your blog is "private", you don't know whether it might get leaked to your employer, and it's just not worth the risk.

I know that people feel that what they are writing is fine, but they have no idea how their employer would feel.
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