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Prayers and good vibes needed

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Today I got out of school early because I found out that my cousin's baby Mackenzie who has serious heart problems is going to be getting surgery. She has been having heart failure and they ran some tests on her and found out that some vessels in her lungs are pinched shut or something like that. I know I'm doing a really bad job at explaining what's exactly going on but when my mom was telling me it was all a bunch of jumble to me because I was too busy panicking. Right now she's in the hospital at peoria and my mom, dad and I will be going up there tomorrow. Soo probably later tomorrow I'll be able to let you know what's going on depending on 1. if they have a computer in the waiting room at the hospital or 2. on what time I get back. I'm not sure if we will be spending the night there or not..most likely not. So please pray that things go well for her and that she'll come back out a healthy toddler I think I'm not sure but I think she is 2 years old.
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i hopoe everything goes well with her, and she makes a full recovery God bless
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I´m so sorry to heard that about your cousin...

Sending my best wishes and good vibes for a soon recovery..
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I'm so sorry, sending lots of good thoughts your way!
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That poor baby!!, I will send many get well vibes! {{{ }}}
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I don't know much but here is what I do know..

They're waiting for a report from the doctor and my cousin went and saw her last night. She is sitting up and eating/drinking. She even got up and asked to go potty and sat herself on the seat. Her heart is 3 times bigger than a normal human heart. Apparently her lungs are OK they just need to replace an aeorta. My mom even made the comment "Can't they just have a heart transplant for her?" and they're afraid that her body will reject it.

That's all I know right now..I will tell you more once I know more.
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Oh my the poor baby!
Sending good vibes to your family and many, many good health vibes to Mackenzie.
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I will pray for MacKenzie. Sounds like a very serious illness! But it is amazing what they can do in surgery. If the small vessel leading to the lungs is replaced, I think she will feel way more healthy and energetic.

You have had a lot of stress lately! I will pray for you and your family, too, ok?
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I hope all goes well.
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