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back again

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Hello everyone!
I was here a couple years ago, and wanted to stop back by for a while.
I'm Amanda and I am owned by a neutered male domestic shorthair, Kipling, who is about 11 years old.
We also share our home with three wonderful pups who are Kiplings best buds. Samantha is an 8yo S/F pitador (pit bull/lab mix), Sydney is an 8 yo S/F pit bull and Murphy is an 11 month old N/M pit bull. Kipling absolutly loves his girls and his baby brother Murphy, even though Murphy's puppyness gets on Kipling's nerves from time to time.
We live in Montana where I am a research scientist with the National Institutes of Health. I also volunteer my time to pit bull rescue. If any of you watch Animal Planet, you may have seen the recent "Whoa Sunday-Emergency Vets" special(July 17th). Kipling's buddy Sydney is the black pit bull at the end who got the total elbow replacement surgery. We were on right after the kitty with the tumor.
Last time I was here, Kipling was having problems with spraying. Thank goodness moving to a new home has stopped that issue.
We do have a new issue (actually the issue isn't new, but its finally getting on my nerves LOL) that I will post in the behavior section in a moment.
I will also post a picture of Kippers with his best friend Sydney in the photo section.
Glad to be here and hope to hear some good advice from all of you.
Amanda and Kipling
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Welcome back!!
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Hi and welcome back!
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Hi Amanda and Kipling!!

Reilly and I welcome you back to TCS!
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Hi Amanda! , and welcome Back to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Welcome back!
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wooohoooooo welcome back!!
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welcome back
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Hi and welcome back, Amanda!

I look forward to getting to know you and seeing picures of Kipling and Sydney!

I hope Sydney is doing well with his elbow replacement and Kipling isn't running him too ragged!
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Welcome back
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Hi Amanda. Welcome back to TCS! How on earth did you survive so long without it?
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Welcome back Amanda - hope we see alot of your around the boards!!
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welcome back!! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio and surrogate mom to a year old shepard mix baby girl Freesia
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Hello and welcome back!!!

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