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Im back!

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Hey everyone!
Im all moved in now. It took all of the holiday weekend and then some but I did it! The house is all set-up and god it feels good!
I found great homes for all the kitties and they're happy.
My friend that took my on his motorcycle actually helped me move. I went and bout a few new things for the house yesterday along with a web cam . Tiger is the only baby I got to keep but he's very happy about being here. He was upset the first few days but has settled in nicely.
I wanted to thank everyone for thier support the past few weeks. It's been rough but everything is starting to smooth out nicely!
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So good to hear that things are going well for you!!
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WTG Dixie Darlin! Glad you are getting all settled in and everyone seems happy.
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Welcome back Friend!!! ..
is nicely to see you again here!
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Cool Dixie! A Happy Ending!!!
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Welcome back! I'm happy that things are settling down!!
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Welcome back and welcome home Glad the kitties are well-placed and that Tiger is happy in his new home!
How are your kids doing with the move?
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They are doing just fine.. Thank heavens Justice starts school on monday!
It's been quite the job trying to move and put the house back together with 2 kids under my feet! But with help, I got it done
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That is great news! Now you can really get on with the rest of your life, as YOU want to live it.
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back, Dixie Darlin!
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