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Dora is having kittens!!!!!

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Well we have 2 kittens. Not sure if there will be more but I think there will be. Her belly is still pretty big. She had the first one around 10:15am then the second at 10:37. The first is a tabby and the second I am not sure but a solid dark color, maybe gray like her. She is doing wonderful. Resting now. I will keep you all updated and post pics later.
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Yeh Dora! Your Mommy has been waiting for sometime for this moment!
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awww how wonderful - you finally have babies . If she's going to have more I hope it all goes smoothly.

Can't wait to see piccies of mom and the new arrivals.
post #4 of 27 wonderful!!!!
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finally good luck Dora
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Hope to see pictures!!!
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Is she a mixed breed? Or pedigree - kinda looks like a Russian Blue to me.
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She is a mixed breed but also looks to me to be Russian Blue. The father is a brown tabby. It has been 3 hours since the 2nd kitten and she is still just resting. I know there are more to be born. I saw them moving. Should she be resting this long?
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I've read that cats can have kittens for up to 24 hours from the first one. Hang in there! I told you she would have hers first.

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Thank you. Tiara should have her's soon. Dora is doing such a good job with her kittens. I can't wait to see the other ones.
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I've desided that she is not going to have them...this way she will have them

Keep us updated.
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well done dora hope everything is going well keep us updated. wooo hoooo
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Dora had kitten number 3 at 6:29pm. It is light gray and looks to have longer hair. Not sure if she will have any more. I will let you know.
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yay kitties!!!
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Well kitten 4 was born at 7:46pm. It is also gray from what I can tell. Dora is doing great. I think that may be all there is. I can't really feel anything else. I will be posting pics soon.
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Kitten 5!!! Born at 8:25pm. Another tabby. I will let you know if there are any more.
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My goodness! Once Dora started she dosen't want to stop!

Congrats - 5 is my lucky number!
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I'm jeolous!!!! Was alright with your three kitties, but now.....


Congrats! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad your waiting is over.
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Thank you everyone. I believe we are done. Mom and babies are now resting peacefully. I will take some pictures her soon and post them so everyone can see the kittens. I hope Tiara has her's soon. Anything new tonight?
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Awww..5 is a really great number... I can't wait to see oictures! Have you sexedthem yet? I think it is easier to tell when they are first born than later...then again, I am newbie so dont listen to me. I am so glad that all went well for Dora and her new 'babies'!
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Congrats on all those babies.

What good news!
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That was really funny - how she went on and on to have 5! Congratulations and like the others, I hope to see pix soon.
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I don't know if it's a good sign or a bad one...but Tiara hissed at me and clawed me. She has never hissed or clawed at anyone since we got her. Other then that nothing different.

Can't wait to see your beautiful babies.
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Dora did that the day before she had her's. Every time someone walked by her she clawed at them. She never does that. It may mean she will have them soon. I hope she does.
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I started a new thread for the pictures of the kittens if you want to see them. I think we have 2 males and 3 females. I
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