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For Chloe

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Dearest Chloe...Two years ago this week you crossed to the rainbow bridge and found those wings you tested so much. You arrived at our house the same time that Libby did and you soon became best buddies. So completely opposite in personalities but fit together so well. Little girls who would spend just a few months together. You visited the vet the very next day with a very nasty URI. The longest 20 minutes on my life was waiting for your leukemia test results, because they thought thats what was wrong. I remember the vet tech saying "you know what it means if it comes back positive" I told her yes. I prayed hard for you and asked for some more time with you. You were negative and I got my little bit of time with you. You lived life on the edge. You climbed the curtains with big brother Buzz but would let go when you reached the top so you could bounce on the bed. Libby admired you're bravery but was too dignified to play. You chased the big boys. You would stop and catch your breath then join right back in. Libby always your shadow on your adventures. At the end of the day you and her could be found sleeping somewhere together. You crammed 15 years of living into 5 months. I remember one of the kids saying Mom what is wrong with Chloe? I didn't take you to the vet to find out because I knew in my heart they would tell me you were not going to stay with me. And I wanted your life to be full not living as an invalid. Remember the trip that we took to McDonald's so that you could have a plain hamburger? You were spoiled rotten! Off to the clinic you and Libby went to get fixed. You had complications and had to go back. Do you remember me telling you on the way back to the clinic that if you were with me 5 months or 15 years I would accept whatever I had? You left that day. Your poor little lungs were so damamged that the vet said you wouldn't have made it to your first birthday. Libby misses you so much to this day. Last night as I sat thinking about you she quietly crawled up on my lap and sat with me. I told her someday that you would guide just the right kitten her way that would fill that hole you left in her heart. She is patiently waiting under the couch! Chloe fly high today and send Libby a kitty kiss. Tonight when the house is quiet and Libby is out and about fly low and touch her heart and let her know that you miss her too.

Lots of love from Dozen2Luv and Libby

PS I had to write this because as I thought about Chloe last night Libby came out of hiding and came to sit with me. There are times that I don't see Libby for days at a time because she watches the world from under the couch and doesn't interact with the other cats. When she plays it is by herself although sometimes I tell her that I think that Chloe is playing with her.
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Awww I'm so sorry about Chloe! She's over RB right now, no longer hurting and happy and healthy. Chester recently passed, and I'm sure he'd love to have another friend up there!!! RIP Chloe.
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Rest in peace, Chloe.
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Rest in peace, Chloe.
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This is a wonderful homenage to Cloe! ..i know she know about this! ..
RIP sweet angel..
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Awwwww bless the her little heart And from the sounds of things, Libby could sense you had something on your mind when she came and sat on your lap?, because cats are clever like that

RIP Chloe until you see your loving family once again
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Condolences on the loss of Chloe. Poor shy Libby, to lose such a friend! How sweet that she came out to sit on your lap for a moment, and share the sweet memories of Chloe!
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What a lovely tribute. RIP sweet Chloe.
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