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With Katrina devistating the Gulf Coast, a lot of people are talking about donating to animal relief funds.

I just want to point out that in Egypt, there are thousands of cats that have been living in turmoil for their entire lives in waistland-type surroundings. Almost all of these cats are Egyptian Maus or Mau mixes. Here's the kicker: the ONLY cat rescue in Egypt just started up THIS year! These people are desperately trying to help the cats get out of their hellish living conditions and into loving homes all over the world.

They are now trying to get a sanctuary ready so that they can save these animals and care for them properly. Even if you don't think you want to own a cat like this, they still desperately need donations and do accept Paypal.

In a few more weeks they will also have appearal for sale with their logo/website on it and will get a portion from every sale.

If anyone can help out, or spread the word, it would be greatly apprechiated.