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One Terrified Cat!

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I am really at a loss as to how to help my cat. My male cat, Spats inherited very bad teeth. I learned this little fact one day when I came home from work to find a bloody tooth on the floor. I have 2 cats, so my first task was to discover who it belonged to. Accomplishing that, I took Spats and the tooth to the vet for guidance. That's when I learned that Spat's gumline was green and that he would have to have regular dental treatments.

Spats received his first treatment 2 years ago and he lost 2 more teeth. He received his 2nd treatment last year and he lost 4 more teeth. Here is my dilemma: Obviously, this cat is terrified everytime I bring out the cat carrier. Almost everytime he visits the vet, he has a horrifying experience. He is also running out of teeth! However if I stop the treatments, more teeth will fall out and instead of falling to the floor, he might choke on one of them. Or the bacteria from his gums will get worse untreated, and he could get sick and die. I can't let that happen. But I hate how scared he gets. I love this cat, and I have no idea how to give him any comfort because his fears are absolutely valid.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Well.....no expert here, but could you get the carrier out once in a while and just leave it in the room with a treat or two in it? That might make him more comfortable about getting inside. Also, try some Dr. Bach's rescue Remedy before the Vet visits - it is a natural product found at the health food stores - 4 drops should hlep him, I hope. Some of the girls here told me about it, and it has helped my scardy cat a lot!
Good luck to you
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My first question, is what did the vet say the problem was? It's hard to say without knowing what courses of treatment are available for an individual problem.
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I agree that you should make the cat carrier more 'every day' so he doesn't associate it only with the vet. My carrier is always out in their play area.

In Care and Grooming there is a thread on getting kitties into a carrier with good suggestions.

Mine is a top loading carrier, and that seems to be easier than the front loader.

Poor kitty, I'd be scared too! What a bummer! Good luck and kisses for your poor kitty. Hope he gets all taken care of soon.
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According to the vet, the only explanation for Spat's bad teeth is genetics. Unfortunately it was his "luck of the draw" from his kitty parents.

As to leaving the carrier out, I do that on a limited basis. I have learned that if I just bring it out the same day as taking him anywhere, he freaks out and soils himself (and sometimes me) in his terror. So I usually bring the carrier out weeks ahead of a visit, so there are no surprises, and I am giving him a chance to get used to it again. However, then he goes through a personality change for as long as the carrier is out. It doesn't matter if the carrier is out for him or not (sometimes it is for my other cat). He remains terrified whenever he sees the carrier. Sometimes he even displays this behavior when the carrier has not been out for weeks. He just knows whats coming, and he dreads it.
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What about gettting a different carrier, that looks different? There are many different kinds. AS my cats don't go out very often, I just use the cheap cardboard one I got from the shelter. it looks like a box, and my kitties love boxes and there are always boxes all over the house. They have a bunch of soft ones that look like duffel bags with mesh sides. Maybe you could leave it out all the time?

Also, when he has to go to the dentist, maybe you could find a way of giving him extra love and treats? Maybe a special treat that is soft that he likes, extra cuddle time or play time? When I was a kid and had to get a cavity filled, my health nut mom would actually take me out for ice cream, a forbidden treat!
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