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Bathing a Kitten

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My vet said it would be a good idea to give little Gizmo a bath, sort of like a fresh start. He said to give him a sponge bath. Do you have any other suggestions? I know he told me to use a hair dryer at low heat and at a long distance to dry him, but I don't want to scare him with the loud sounds! When I used to give Tigger a bath, I would just bundle her up in a bunch of towels until she was dry. I thought of doing this....would it be better to do it this way? Or are kittens more likely to catch cold if you don't use a dryer?
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Isn't he too young for a bath? If he's not terribly dirty, I would wait till he's a t least 12 weeks old. He's also under stress from the change and I don't think you want the added stress of a bath right now.
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Unless there is an underlying reason for him to have a bath-ringworm, or lice, I would wait. Kittens are really susceptible to colds, and even though you think they are warm, they usually are catching a chill. If there are a lot of fleas on him, then you can use a pair of tweezers, a strong light and go flea hunting and just squish the fleas you find. But I would really wait to bathe him.
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I ended up having to give him a bath on Saturday! He stepped in his litter & it got ALL over him. It was so disgusting & he smelled!! Now he smells nice & pretty! He looked like a drowned rat...... Then, Sunday, he stepped in it again & got it all in between his back paws..... So, I bought some of those Ktty Wiped from Petsmart. They worked ok, but his little toes are so sharp, that it was hard to clean!
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You should clip his nails every week right now anyway. He will need to get used to it and kittens nails grow at an amazing pace.
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I have a Sphynx that is famous for going into the litterbox and not covering his poop. He ends up stepping in it. Then he wants to cuddle in my bed. EEEEWWWW!!! I have gotten out of bed many times in the middle of the night to bathe him because he smells SO BAD!! (word of advice, DO NOT BATHE A CAT WHILE NAKED!) . Anyway, I finally started closing him out of my room. I don't know what else to do. He just doesn't get it. It may be because he was taken from his mother too soon. Who knows?? love him no matter what, though.
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If you need to bathe why not use the Dry bath stuff they sell in the stores - just a suggestion
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I got smart and picked up a package of wipes, sort of like an "instant bath". I have had to use them yet (knock on wood!). He still gets annoyed but too bad! Better annoyed than smelly!!
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I'm glad to hear I don't have the only cat in the world who doesn't bury his poop. Joey is 2 and still doesn't bury. Fortunately, Squirt must hate it too, because he goes in after Joey and buries. If that isn't brotherly love...
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I bought some of those Instant wipes, too! I got the from PetsMart. They seem to work good, so far. And, it makes them smell so nice! Does yours smell like baby powder?
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