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orphaned kitten: 2 week old HELP !!!

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I found a kitten yesterday in an abandoned garage. The garage is being torn down today. He looks to be about 2 weeks old. He was covered in fleas but that has been taken care of, however I cannot get him to eat. I don't have much money so I can't take him to the vet right now, but I don't want anything to happen to him. I have a mama cat at home with one kitten, 8 weeks old, but she has been traumatized and doesn't want anything to do with the new kitten. She was stolen from my home when her kittens were 2 weeks old and was just returned thanks to a REWARD being posted. So she is not very "motherly" right now. She has tried to clean him but loses interest very quickly. Any suggestions what to do.
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How did you "take care of the fleas?" If you don't mind me asking?

Have you swapped scents with the cats? Rubbed momcat with a towel, than rubbed the kitten, then the mom? Of course if the kitten hasn't been to the vet (and it really should go) this could be a bit of hazard to do.

If the kitten was so full of fleas, it is quite possible the kitten has anemia or another flea-born disease which is why a vet would be a good call right now.

I would start bottle feeding this baby right now- www.kitten-rescue.com will guide you. Once he is fed, give him to the momcat to clean up and hopefully stimulate- but if the kitten doesn't take to the bottle, please get the kitty to a vet. Fleas can be deadly to small kittens-
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Shiro....I would suggest you use a flea comb to get the fleas out of this little one...problem with fleas is that they can quickly make a kitten anemic. Secondly, you should be bottlefeeding him...you can get KMR from your local petstore...he will need to be fed frequently, so if you don't feel that you can devote the time to this little one...it may be best to find a rescue or no kill shelter that is willing to place him into foster.

This site is really good to get information on what your new kitten needs:


Additionally, since your mom cat doesn't feel much for nursing kittens (which I completely understand) and her litter is old enough to be weaned..it is probably time to set her up for a spay appt. If you need a low cost spay clinic, let me know. I'd hate for you to have her stolen again and have her returned pregnant.

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