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i must be doing something wrong

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Can anyone help, i have siamese cats one male and one female, both had urinary track infections about 7 months ago, they were peeing everywhere, the vet solved the problem after many weeks of trial and error.
Everything went back to normal for a month or so, then my male cat started spraying round the house, back to the vets more tests but the vet said he is clear and this must be a behaviour problem. I sat with the vet for a long time and explained what things had happened in my household that had changed, he now believes that my boy cat is spraying because my daughter who is 12 has banned him from her bedroom and he wants more effection, the reason she banned him from her bedroom is because he pads her face at nighttime and hurts her, when she tries to move him he hisses, its almost like he wants his own way all the time.
Anyway the vet suggested that i give him the effection that my daughter used to give him, so i have started picking him up and walking around with him a few times a day (he likes That) the only problem now is he wants it more and more, he sits on me at night, and yes pads my face, and he now sleeps with me, if i dont let him in my bedroom at night the following morning i find spray everywhere, 7 times the other morning and twice on my kitchen top. I am at my wits end i feel as though he is bribing me, ie if i dont give him what he wants he will spray. If i give my girl cat attention, he walks around in a sort of cocky pose and will not let me then give him affection. I have cleaned all the spray up properly, but my cat is affecting me, i am even following the little sod at night and pandering to his every whim, i am worn out, in the evenings if he gets of the chairs i follow him just to stop him spraying. What can i do??? please help
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sorry i think i have put this in the wrong area my cats are not kittens they are adults
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Is your male cat neutered? When they start to spray it is sometimes hard to get them to stop. If he hasn't been neutered, then neutering him will help. It could be a territorial spat going on, to many cats in one area for his liking, or he could just want outside- it is hard to tell. You need to be sure you use a good enzyme cleaner to get rid of all the urine smell and stain- this is sometimes hard to do. A black light helps immensely to find all the urine stains and if you leave any behind, he will refresh it about every three days. Also, if he is a tomcat he will become aggressive over time-
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Thank you for your help, yes he is neutered, i have a black light and am clearing the mess up thats why i think he goes in different places all the time, you mentioned in your answer that maybe he wants to go outside, well i think you are correct, because sometimes he does get arsy with me when i make him come in. I do have a utility room that i could do up for him and put a catflap in, would this help or would he get cross?
Another question should i keep giving him the extra attention, and picking him up when he moans at me, i pick him up, pop him over my shoulder and walk around for a bit, what would you do?
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I would take him back to the vet and have him tested for cystitis if he were mine. Siamese are talkers usually, I had a siamese-cross and he about drove me nuts talking all the time-
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Have you tried either more litter boxes, and/or a different kind of litter (maybe yours is scented and he doesn't like it)?
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