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New born kittens dont drink moms milk!!

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The new babies are here ( and with a bit more difficulties than I would have expected)
I will tell the story shortly.
Mom gave birth to a dead kitten and almos inmediatly after to another one.
But she would show no interest at all on it so I kept it clean and warm for her.
This was yesterday at 8.30 am. By 17.30 there was still a kitten inside and I could see her having contractiosn from time to time.

We dediced to take her to the vet and she induce contractions but it didnt work so she had to have a cesaria done. There was only one kitten but aparently her contractions were no strong enough to push it.

Now she finally acepted the kittens but she is not acting very 'normal'
first of all she is more busy cleaning herself than looking after the babies.
She even leave them alone for long whiles so I do the job to keep them warm. What really concerns me is that the new babies dont grab any of moms niples and I know how important it is to get the first milk. So far they are only fed by me...
Is there anything I can do to make the kittens eat from moms niples?
Aparently she has milk ( or so the vet said) I feel soooooooo frustrated,...

Many thanks !!
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Is she giving milk at all? Sometimes when they go through a lot of trauma (as if birth isn't traumatic enough) they don't give milk right away. Are the kittens trying to nurse on her and she isn't letting them? Or are they nursing and crying and squirming at the same time- at which case she isn't giving them any milk.
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she allows them to nurse actually she even takes a better position to make it easier for the kittens but the kittens just move around searching but even if I put their mouth in front of the niple the dont suck it. they dont cry at all only when mom is a bit too affectionate with cleaning :P .
According to the vet she has milk, little but she has. She said also that when the kittens start nursing she will produce more. So far I just try to make her drink a lot....
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I have taken my new momma to the vet this morning and although the kittens are suckling fine the vet said she has very little milk I have put her on royal canin convalesance support and she is to drink plenty of fluid and even try her with a bit of cat milk. Try the same with your momma and hopefully it will help her.
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You can put a small dab of karo syrup on her nipples and then put the kittens there. My fear is that the kittens aren't strong enough to nurse. Kittens will tag a nipple, meaning they put their scent on it (that is what the kneading is about) Then the kitten will return to that same nipple, his personal milk bar every time to eat. Another kitten will not eat off the same nipple if his brother's scent is there- he needs the one he "tagged."
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It is true that one of the kittens it a bit small. His weight was 46 gr at the end of his first day. I have no problem feeding it with kittens milk, have been doing it every 2 hrs since last night. He eats but not as much as his brother, thoufh he is putting on weight too. My concern is that he will miss the first mothers milk but I guess he has no option but to be bottle breeded.
Btw how many ml shoud a healthy kitten drink a day??
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This is in accord with my experience with c-section babies. Exposure to anesthesia and being deprived of the normal birth experience leaves them disoriented and unable to figure out how to nurse. Compounding the problem is that the mom cat hopefully was spayed when she had the c-section, which means she will only produce milk as long as the kittens are nursing. Fortunately, you have a good chance to save the kittens by bottle feeding. Hissy has provided a good link. Good luck!
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I have sad news. Despite all our effords and all the good advices you gave me the little color point just passed away :_(
Such a pity... we were so looking forward to out first nest and two are already gone.
For the little one that is still alive, aparently is doing ok but still cannot find the nips by himself and even it i put his mouth in front of it he just keeps on looking for it.
Wish me luck with this my only hope now.
Feeling sooo sad

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I am very sorry for your loss and send many wishes your way and your mummys way. I have lost puppies before and I can sympathize with your loss - but just hang in there! we lost 4 in a litter of 5 but the one that survived was so precious! Just keep giving it all the loving energy you can!
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I am so sorry about this news. I do hope the surviving kitten flourishes.
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Thanks. I will do all that is on my hand to save that little one. Must say she is doing great. Takes the milk I give her and puts on weight slowly but she does.

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I am devastated. She just died.
and we neutralise Molly for we thought it would be ok.
So now my 2.5 years dream is gone foerwer
cant stop crying
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Oh I am so sorry. No words can express sympathy adequate for what you are going through. Nature can be so cruel sometimes, and you tried so hard.
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I have followed your story and I feel for you in this time of sadness - everthing happens for a reason - even though we may not know at the time what that reason is. Kharma and Sutra also send their love xoxo
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Originally Posted by hiera
I am devastated. She just died.
and we neutralise Molly for we thought it would be ok.
So now my 2.5 years dream is gone foerwer
cant stop crying
I am very sorry.

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