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How big is your cat compared to a human child????

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I just thought I would share this because it was soooo cute.....

A couple of weeks ago my mom and her friends had a garage sale at our house.. well one of her friends (who took up 90percent of all the stuff) had about 20 big plastic tubs full of clothes. Well I was bored tonight so I went sifting through them.. seeing if I could find something to torture elliot with (because he loves to dress up)

I found the CUTEST clothes for him!

And I also learned he's about the size of a 12-18 month old baby

There was this nice long sleeved white shirt with a collar that went with a vest. Oooh I just HAD to try and dress him up with it!!!!! He looked like a little elvis! I had to roll the sleeves a bit, and I had to leave the top button open (all for teh better, he looked so cute with his fuzzy little chest sticking out) I buttoned that up and pulled the collar up. I swear I just need a black wig and I've got Elvis the cat. My mom laughed but said he looked cute too.

Hey.. how many people can say that when it comes to formal occasions.. EVERYONE is prepared, even the family pets. :P

Aerowyn however... is about the size of a newborn baby. Preemie clothes would fit her better (of which there were none) I am going to raid the garage again tommorrow and see what else I can find. hehehe...

I found this hobo shirt too that is checkered with alot of striped colors.. he looks like some sleezy cat car salesman. I think there was a tie or a bow in one of the boxes somewhere. I just HAVE to find it.

Grrr this just makes me wish again I had a digital camera. When I find a job I like and they hire me.. I am so saving up for one of them first. Not that it would take me more than a month.

You are all going to absolutely be DROWNED in pictures of Elliot in cute little clothes and my cats just being cats.


Hey. Show me some pictures of your cats in clothes I would love to oooh and aaah over the cuteness!!! (and I am sure others would also)

I am only sad that bibs dont fit him very well though But I guess cats are just not born to wear bibs.
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Gigi my yorkie is a 3-6 months usually... Zoey is premeie thin but 9-12 in the length
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I found more clothes today.

Hey.. who on this site (besides people with the nakey cats, and people with tiny dogs) can say they have a full wardrobe for their cat?????

I finally found a pair of bibs that fit. Muahahaha. They are green army/camo colored. I had to cut a hole for his tail and his little "parts" so they can stick out, but it fits him just fine. Muahaha. He can walk good in it too. He liked it cuz he was purring(unless he was traumatized and pretending he was somewhere else doing something fun which made him purr). All I have to do now is fold over the cut edges and use a machine to sew it so it is nice and smooth.

I found another dress up shirt... a white long sleeved with a striped vest and a tie. He looks like a little gangster. All I need is a cigar and it would make him look even cuter. He has two undershirts, four plaid shirts, a pair of bibs, two dress up things, and three regular shirts. Muahahahaha.

I know I am weird. I cant help it. I have always loved to dress up my pets. I will be a 30,40,60,100 year old woman putting clothes on my cats and I dont care how excentric people think I am.

Right now he is wearing a white undershirt with a red plaid button-in-front shirt. He looks cute. SOOO cute.

Hehe. I tortured Aerowyn a bit today too. I found a dres up thing for a new born baby, but it was too wide and not long enough. Oh well. She doesnt tolerate being dressed up anyways, except for her sweater. The clothes will be nice for in the winter because I take them outside for a bit sometimes to play in the snow. It should keep them warmer.

I am weird. I admit it :P
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LOL! Cute!
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I have a small dog so I dont count..lmao... Zoey is builing a wordrobe of her own since she is so long and tall ... Gigis little stuff is often too short ... I shop baby resale shops and stores for my girls
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when teufel stands up he is the size of a two - three year old, but he isnt as fat as one
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I have a small dog, but I wouldn't be able to get any clothes ON her as she is all poufy hair! The boys? Hmmmmm ...
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Sounds like you are trying to keep up with Pearly and her Hobbes! Elliot just might take the Best Dressed title from him.
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My girls laughed at the very thought of being dressed up!My best guestimation would be that Sierra is about the size of a 13 month old and premies would probably still be too big for Serenity.
Let's see pics of your dressed up babies!
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I couldn't even get a collar to touch the neck of either of mine, so clothing would be the death of me!

And yeah, lets have some pics please!?
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Hm... I think if I ask my mom reaaaally nice and do some chores around the house she might just buy me a roll of film and let me put it on a disk instead of prints so I can show you guys how cute he looks. Hm.. I"ll have to ask when she comes home.
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I am dying to see those pictures of Elliot and Aerowyn all dressed up!!!
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a toddler, a premie, and some feti.
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